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Thursday, October 7, 2010


My daughter is being discharged Friday and is absolutely ecstatic. The medication she takes for depression was increased and I think that along with group therapy has really helped her. Of course that still doesn't stop my worries about her going to her dad's wedding on Sunday.
My son's bus hit a pedestrian this morning. The school called to notify me and all they said was "pedestrian". All morning and afternoon I was googling to find out more information. I eventually found out it was a fellow student from his school who was on a bike. When I found out the location of the accident, I suddenly had a bad feeling and hoped it wasn't his bff from down the street. Later I was on my son's fb and my worst fears were confirmed. It was his bff and my son saw the accident happen. My son was on the school bus that hit him. The school bus had him pinned under the axle and it took 2 tow trucks to lift the front of the bus off him and then the fire department inflated air bags underneath the bus while they worked to extricate him. As soon as I found out it was him I called the school and told them I'd be picking up my son. After school we went to the hospital to visit him. For someone who was pinned under a bus he doesn't look too bad. About 7 staples to close a gash in his head and his knee was all bandaged up, and a few scrapes. My son was his first non-family visitor. His parents came by our house later to discuss what my son saw and thank him for coming to visit. All the kid was worried about was where his "lucky" baseball cap was. And his sister who was there asked why would he want it because it obviously wasn't "lucky" anymore. I say it was. Damn lucky he didn't get killed or more seriously injured. My son had me drive by the accident scene to see if the hat was still there, but it wasn't. I think taking him to visit was exactly the right thing to do. Especially since his sister was in the hospital and he wasn't allowed to visit her because they don't allow anyone under 18 to visit. I think it really calmed his nerves to actually see his friend really was ok.

Tomorrow and the weekend is crazy busy. I have to pick up my son from school, go to pick up my daughter from the hospital, take them to Anastasia's house, then to a friend's house, then to Chicago for a concert in celebration of her birthday earlier this week. Then back to pick up the kids and take them to the wedding venue. Then possibly to a haunted house with a group we belong to. Crazy lot of driving. Glad I managed to sneak in my tire rotation after the hospital visit.

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healy said...

It freaks me out! just take care. .Everything's gonna be alright=)

jo said...

"great article here, thx for sharing"

I am Harriet said...

Wow- that is too freaky. Thank goodness he's okay.
Have a great weekend!

Rachele said...

How awful. The poor boy and your son must be a little traumatized, not to mention the rest of the students on the bus. Hope everyone heals quickly.

cardiogirl said...

I gasped, out loud, three times while reading this. First that the school bus hit a pedestrian. Second that it was your son's best friend and third that the guy was "pinned under the axle and it took 2 tow trucks to lift the front of the bus off him and then the fire department inflated air bags underneath the bus while they worked to extricate him."

I would say he was extremely lucky to live through that with just staples and bandages.

What a terrifying experience.

sally said...

I know you are so happy to have your daughter home. And I am sure she is glad to be home, with the help yes received. You must be relieved.
I am sorry your son had to go through this sadness with his friend, thank God the friend will be ok. God's hand was holding that bus up I think.

Suzy said...

Good grief. A school bus of all things.

Glad he's ok.

Lin said...

Look at you with the loads of comments here!

I hope your son is doing better after this experience. How freaking scary!

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