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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I may find out today approximately when my daughter will be released from the hospital. We had a family meeting yesterday. It seems the stress from the Girl's Golf Team debacle and her dad's upcoming wedding brought on her symptoms. She really, really wants to attend the wedding, the staff know this and hopefully they can get all the evaluations done in time to allow her to be discharged late this week. I'm kinda torn here. I know the wedding is causing her stress and we have removed as many stressors as possible (no longer participating at all in the wedding, going only as a guest and having a guest that she's known since she was in grade school act as her chaperon), but I also know she would be very upset if she couldn't attend the wedding.

My son's hair finally made it's debut in front of his dad and his dad's fiance. Apparently the fiance was so teed off that if anyone brought up the subject at the weekend dinner party she squelched all comments, even the positive ones. I say that's what you get when you force a kid to wear a yarmulke for the wedding ceremony when he doesn't want to. He's going to rebel, and find a way to show his individuality and just be thankful he didn't have his eyebrows pierced, get a Mohawk, or do a self tattoo.

Had a great weekend...even though da Bears sucked baaaad. Did Cutler fake a concussion due to the embarrassment of getting sacked a record 9 times in a game? Ok, I'm joking...maybe half joking. I made some serious chili, my friend made guacamole and my son made hush puppies.

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cardiogirl said...

Seriously? The fiance was that mad about his hair? I saw the picture and it actually seems pretty darn tame. Especially when you mentioned possible piercings and tattoos.

Oy, I wish so bad your son would get a henna tattoo on his face (that will wash off over time) of a hockey mask. Then the fiance would have been thrilled that all he had was a few highlights.

Vindictive? Yes. But it's still fun to imagine.

Megryansmom said...

So sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope all goes well for her. Have a great Tuesday!

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