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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Girl's Bowling Team season starts officially today with the first match. My daughter is able to play because her weekly Tuesday appointment was canceled due to the holiday. Shes very excited.

The Chicago Mayor's race - could it get more bizarre? Carole Mosley Braun running for Mayor? Seriously?

TSA Scanners - I have to say, they aren't even on my radar. I've flown only once, and really, considering my finances, I don't see myself flying anytime soon. I think I'd rather go through the scanner than get molested by TSA staff. And really, I don't care who sees my "junk", if it's necessary to fly safely, I don't see what the uproar is. Have you heard about the TSA-proof Underwear? Leave it to entrepreneurs to figure out a way to cash in.

Turkey Day update - still no turkey and nothing going on.

Christmas Lists - My daughter has her sights on a Kindle. I told her she can keep dreaming. She's got piles of books that she hasn't even cracked open. The last thing I need to do is spend money I don't have on an expensive electronic device that will sit and gather dust along with those books. I don't know if Christmas has hit my son's radar, he hasn't mentioned anything about what he wants. Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine asked me what I wanted and I was caught speechless. It's not on my radar either. I haven't even thought about it. During the rough years in the past my only concern has been that my kids have a decent Christmas. Nothing spectacular, just a few things. It's times like this that it doesn't even occur to me to think about what I'd want, because my kids come first, and any discussion with a friend about gifts just makes me more anxious about the holiday because of course there is the need to reciprocate. Ok, maybe not need, but I'd want to reciprocate.

Black Friday - I love Black Friday! If I could, I'd marry it. I love scouring the ginormous Thursday paper for bargains, making my list and plotting my strategy. For me...a well planned Black Friday can mean I could get my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop. But alas, the bank account is near zero. I don't even think I want to pick up the Thursday paper and see what I'm missing. I know many people hate Black Friday and avoid it like the plague, but to me it's an annual ritual. In year's past when I've missed it, it didn't really feel like the holidays. It's really the only time I will wait in line for anything and sometimes that wait is quite fascinating. (Check out my post from 2008 Black Friday, Black Friday Or How I Know I've Become My Mother....) Perhaps someone would like to hire me as their personal shopper and have me do their Black Friday shopping? I would do it in a heartbeat.

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