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Friday, December 24, 2010


I have been wearing a stupid Santa hat since yesterday...trying to get into the Christmas spirit and it's just not working. I tried switching on the local Christmas music radio station in the car while I ran errands and it annoyed me so much I had to switch back to my usual stations.

I still have only 4 gifts wrapped. I have none of the food prepped that we usually have on Christmas Eve. We're not going anywhere today. I did have to run to a friend's house because my son forgot his PS2 cords and if I hadn't done that my son couldn't play the Madden 2011 game he got for Christmas from Anastasia. Thankfully my friend let me run in and out to get it before she was off to family.

Before Anastasia dropped off the kids I asked if she could pick up some dry cat food. (I mean it's the least she could frickin' do since I've been paying all their vet bills and everything since she insisted we get 2 cats last December. She said no. Of course that's because she spent so much on Christmas for MY kids.)

My SUV got towed to the repair shop yesterday, but I have yet to find out if they are going to repair it or total it. I have no idea what I'm gonna do if they total it. I just wish someone would freakin' tell me something so I'm not left to wonder. There is nothing worse than to be left wondering. The towing and storage fees alone are over $500. That's highway robbery for only sitting in a lot from Friday evening until yesterday afternoon, and I never even had a chance to ask for it to be towed to my house because the ambulance whisked me away to the hospital.

I am just pissed at the world right now and trying not to let me kids see it.

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Lin said...

Try not to let it ruin your Christmas, Lola. I sure hope you can enjoy the day and your beautiful kids.

Merry Christmas, pally, and let's hope the New Year is a whole lot better!

StaceyC4 said...

Go to your happy place!

I hope your Christmas day gets better. Have a merry one!

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