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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry F'n Christmas

We were invited over to Anastasia's Mom's house for dinner by her sister. (This sister lives with her Mom.) Just before dinner was served Anastasia kept telling me we needed to leave. I took the sister aside to double-check and asked her if we were invited for dinner or not and it was ok if we weren't. The sister said we were invited for dinner. I told the sister that Anastasia kept telling me we needed to leave. The sister told me she didn't want trouble and that maybe we should leave. So we left without a word to anyone.

I am livid and both kids are too. In fact my son is beyond livid. The first thing he said when we pulled into our driveway was that he wanted to un-friend her on fb. My daughter piped up and agreed.

How incredibly rude! Her ho gf wasn't even there. Anastasia told the kids that she was working. Most likely another one of her lies. Whatever! Both kids want nothing to do with her now. I hope she's happy now. I did absolutely nothing to bring this on. I was pleasant to all of the family and never said anything untoward to her family about anything. In fact, I was my usual keep to myself kind of person...just like I always had been at family events there.

To Anastasia...thank you once again for showing your true colors. And thank you for ruining MY kid's day today.

I hope Anastasia's happy now.

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MsDarkstar said...

Wow! THAT was Grinchy. I am sorry you and your kids were treated that way, Lola.


Lin said...

Hmmmmm. And did Mom and Sister tell Anastasia that they invited you? I guess I'd be just as mad at them for bringing you into that mess. Especially for the kid's sake. What they did was wrong.

I think you are just going to have to cut ties with the bunch, pally. I know it hurts and you care for them--but at what price? You don't deserve this treatment and your kids don't either. It's all so messed up.

Sorry that happened to you.

Stephany said...

The sister's behavior was worse--she invited, then said to leave to not cause problems--she started them w the invite then! total dysfunction, I would never accept an invite again, write them OFF for sure. Very junior high and immature.

Sorry, that it was on Christmas Day of all things. I hope you all were able to calm a bit and watch a movie or something.

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy shit, that's terribly awful. Im sooo sorry to read this.

StaceyC4 said...

WOW...that is heinous. You need to just eliminate Anastasia from your lives. She is's one thing to do nasty stuff to you but when you bring the kids in to it...end it. So sorry...

A Redhead Named Sam said...

I agree with a previous poster - protect your heart and that of your children's...cut them out of your life.

I'm so sorry you had to go through that.


I am Harriet said...

Further proof that you are better off....

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