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Monday, December 6, 2010

Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Welcome to the first ever Tribal Blogs Carnival! For our first carnival we are talking about the worst Christmas gifts ever. Some of us received them and some of us gave them.

TribalBlogs Carnival

My ex, Anastasia was not a good gift giver. Often times she forgot holidays, or perhaps she didn't forget them, they just snuck up on her and she succumbed to the pressure by shopping at Walgreens. Ok, I guess you could say she shopped like a guy. Now I'm sure if one were creative enough one could find a wonderful gift at Walgreens, or create a thoughtful gift basket or...something. Something that didn't look like they ran into Walgreens in a panic and bought the first thing that they saw.

Our last Christmas together was the worst. I suspect because she was already seeing the other woman. (Yes, if you're new to this blog, she was cheating on me.) She had asked for a list of things I would want (she always did that for Christmas for me and the kids). I don't think I've ever asked a significant other what they'd like for Christmas, I just pay attention! I'd even email her links to buy the items online at the cheapest price. Yes, I did all the leg work. The item top on my list was a cast iron dutch oven. I found the best buy at Walmart. A few days before Christmas she declared that she was tired of Christmas shopping (she had already bought gifts for everyone else) and asked me to pick up the dutch oven. She also said she ran out of money and could I pay for it. So yes, folks, I went to Walmart, braved the crowds and purchased my own gift with my own money. It wasn't just that I had to go get the gift that bothered me, it was that I also had to pay for it.

What are some of the thoughtful creative (and I might add, usually expensive) gifts I've given in the past?
1. Ipod Nano which I not only loaded with lots of music that the recipient loves, but also with a slide show complete with appropriate songs that played during the slide show. Also play lists created by me with various themes. Music mixes if you will.
2. Ipod Nano loaded with lots of music that the recipient loves.
3. Digital SLR camera and case for the photography lover.
4. Amazon Kindle. (Which by the way is what I got Anastasia the year I had to buy my own Christmas gift with my own money.)
5. Photo collages and a photo album of old family photos which I obtained by secretly meeting with Anastasia's sister and Mother and spending hours at Wolf Camera scanning photos and getting reprints.
6. A dutch baby pancake pan for the dutch baby pancake lover. A pan that is expensive and very difficult to find and I seriously doubt has ever even been used.
7. A very expensive Nike driver for the golf lover.
8. A very expensive set of Nike golf clubs. (And I actually was chastised for not buying the matching bag. The nerve!)

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. I'm thoughtful, I pay attention to what the recipient likes and I'm creative. The fact that many of the gifts were expensive is beside the point. The point is that I took care in selecting something I knew the recipient would love.

So how can you avoid giving the worst Christmas gift ever?
1. Pay attention always.
Does the recipient have any hobbies and do they need any upgraded equipment for those hobbies?
Has the recipient mentioned in passing that they like a particular gadget or item?
2. If you have little money to spend, is there something that you can hand make or create that is thoughtful and just perfect for the recipient? Is there a gag gift that would be hilarious that you could create from some inexpensive items?
3. Check around the recipient's place, do they have any family photos up and if not, can you get access to some photos to make reprints? I think the person who doesn't appreciate old family photos is rare and who wouldn't appreciate copies of photos from their childhood or family? Or take that box of photographs in the back of the closet and put them in chronological or thematic order and create photo collages or photo albums.
4. Is the person a music or movie lover who would appreciate a gadget pre-loaded with their favorites?

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cardiogirl said...

Mouth hanging open.

Catching flies.

WTF?! That's messed up, Lola.

The only item I would add to your list of avoiding how to give the worst gift is this:

Don't make the recipient buy his or her own gift with her own money.

nonamedufus said...

Wow, I'm sure glad we met before Christmas. Anything except #6 would be just fine. And thanks.

Rachele said...

Ouch. Nothing would have been better and probably what I would have gotten myself. Sorry that happened to you.

You rock at gift giving and have tips everyone should follow!

Jen said...

Wow, that takes some nerve. Anastasia is dead to me, even though I never met her. Um, you give awesome gifts and I think if we do any kind of secret santa over at Tribal Blogs I want you to draw my name.

Babs-beetle said...

Please tell me that YOU left HER! I've never heard such a totally selfish thing.

I have, at times had to source my own present, but that's because Mo wouldn't know where to start buying me a DSLR camera. It was instantly whisked away and hidden until Christmas morning though :) I did have to find the best deal with my iPhone 4 too, but she always buys me many more smaller surprise gifts, so it's all good.

Unfinished Rambler said...

I hope you at least took the Kindle back. I sure would have.

Karen said...

Unbelieveable. It's true that I make my husband load up his Amazon cart with all the various bits and pieces he wants, but it's only because I have no clue what he's talking about most of the time. Engineers. They don't speak English. He, on the other hand, has established a relationship with my favorite local spa, and the ladies steer him in the right direction every year. I love those women.

Tarheel Rambler said...

I haven't finished all the Blog Carnival posts yet, but I think you're in the running for top prize. I'm so aghast I don't even know what to say...maybe because I'm a guy and we're expected to do dumb crap like this.

Here's to hoping that this year's gifts are memorable for a much better reason.!

Lola said...

@ Cardiogirl - I don't know how I missed that one! Lol!

@ nonamedufus - Perhaps you should share my blog post with your significant other so they'll get the hint.

@ Rachele - Thank you! This year however, I am totally clueless. I guess I'm going to have to concentrate REALLY hard and pay closer attention.

@ Jen - Yeah, between that Christmas and the cheating I would agree with you. Unless it's a White Elephant Secret Santa, then I'll have to pass. The exhb has struck again and shorted me this month.

@ Babs-beetle - She's gone, but she left a boatload of her shyt here and I'm tired of making deliveries. If any of it was worth anything I'd sell it on Ebay. I am the official researcher of anything and everything on the internet. Always helping out my friends.

@ Unfinished Rambler - Oh that's a whole different story. I got the Keurig back that WASN'T a gift, then she wanted to give me the Kindle back and take the gas grill she gave me. Nasty texts were exchanged for days.

@ Karen - That's an awesome idea, especially for someone who wants things that most people wouldn't have a clue about. And how thoughtful of him to have even thought of the spa in the first place!

@ Tarheel Rambler - There's a prize???

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeez ... I have no words. That selfish person did not deserve your attention.

Sparkle said...

Whoa, I think that is the worst Christmas present I've heard today. Not to mention the worst S/O (significant other).

Too bad you aren't a cat. You could have pooped on her pillow or in her shoes to show your displeasure. Which is about what she deserved.

Boom Boom Larew said...

Oh, yeah... it was definitely time to drop kick her back to WalMart! That's outrageous. I would have demanded the Kindle back!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Like everyone else, I'm speechless. I hereby name you the winner of the worst gift carnival! And I can only hope that you feel like a winner for the right reason this year. Cripes. I still can't believe this!

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