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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Soooo...What are you all doing for New Year's Eve? I still don't know what I'm doing. In years past I've either stayed home, gone to or hosted a house party where guests were welcome to crash til morning, or in the distant hopped by bus where I was once a freakin' walking New Year's Eve Party.

Wednesday I took my son to the orthopedic doctor. He got a walking cast. Not because it's broken, but because that way his ankle and foot will stay stable to promote healing because he really injured it badly. His toes were even bruised purple! He gets the cast off in 3 weeks. I am not thrilled that I have to drive him to the freakin' bus stop and pick him up every day though, but I don't want him breaking the cast or getting the boot or the cast wet...and with the snow, getting it wet will be guaranteed on a 3 block walk. And realistically, falling and breaking his neck is a possibility too. And I did call the bus company for the high school...they refuse to do door to door...even...with a doctor's note! That's bs! Their excuse was that there were way too many high school kids with casts on their legs to accommodate everyone. Again! BS! I've had bus drivers for my kids in junior high who gave my kids door to door service when it was raining or snowing, so to not do so for a kid with a cast or on crutches is BS! Anyone out there not clear on that? It's BS!

...My son will only learn that the knit cap I wrapped around his foot (because even his big men's socks won't fit over the cast) and strapped his boot over will keep his feet warm (and not look very cool, but so what? Isn't Spiderman still in?) when he gets a frost bitten toe! He actually told me when I picked him up from the bus stop and noticed the missing Spiderman knit cap that it fell off. It fell off? Really? The boot that goes over the walking cast is like a ginormous sandal with straps...exactly how did it fall off?

RIP Ron Santo. His funeral is today. Anyone going to the funeral or the simulcast at Wrigley Field? I just heard about the Wrigley Field thing today, but a bunch of people I know did want to go to the viewing and funeral and I could have tagged along, but we all thought that because the area for the public was so small, that it would just be a waste of time. Who wants to stand in a line in the cold in a crowd and not even be able to see it? bout dem Sox? Konerko...$37.5 million...seriously?

How bout da Bears? How do you think the big game is going to go on Sunday? I'm rooting for da Bears, but I don't know if they're gonna be able to pull off a win.

Did anyone see "O" on Babwa wa wa? She said she's not a lesbian. Bwhahwhahahahahah!

Oh...and the Christmas tree? It's still in the attic with the ornaments. However, we do have Christmas stockings up. My son went up in the attic on Tuesday and brought them down. No doubt he overheard me saying that Saint Nicholas can't come if you don't hang your stockings. Unfortunately I tried it with Santa Claus, Santa can't come unless he has a decorated tree to put the gifts under, but I doubt it's gonna work. The reason being...Saint Nicholas usually puts a little candy in the stockings. Santa does bring candy. Lol!

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StaceyC4 said...

I remember the days when New Year's was a big deal. The last...ten years? Wow, that depressing to think about how long it's been since we've done anything outside of the house on NYE. Dang. We tend to hang out at home and I make a whole bunch of fun snacks and we just sit and wait for the ball to drop.


Tiffany Christie said...

Here from the bloghop.
I follow you on GFC. I'd love for you to follow me back
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I am Harriet said...

Hey- I enjoyed your random thoughts :)
How about that weather?

cardiogirl said...

I can already tell you I'll be doing the usual for NYE: I'll fall asleep by 8:18 pm only to be awakened by the fireworks my stupid neighbors light up at midnight.

Yeehaw 2011.

Lin said...

I'm just gonna say that Paulie (Konerko) is worth every dime. I love him. :)

We don't do anything but take the tree down on New Year's. I don't like that night--forced fun and all that. I just wanna go to bed--and not get woken up by the neighbor's fireworks (like CG).

Is Oprah gay? I had no idea. But I pretty much turn the channel whenever she's on the tube spouting off on how we should all be like her. Ugh. Hate Okra.

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