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Saturday, March 12, 2011

People are freaks...

Thursday afternoon I got a IM request from a person unknown to me. Silly me thought it might be a recruiter...or possibly someone from one of the online dating site. For some reason, I really thought it might be a recruiter because I don't give out my email address on the first email to a new potential date prospect. The dating sites have been dead responses, so I thought it was reasonable to assume it might be a recruiter. I thought it might even be from someone from the social group I belonged to that told me to email a friend who possibly might be able to aid in my job search.

So...I said yes to the request, saw the person was online and sent them a friendly message asking how I knew them. No response. Friday morning I saw them online again and sent a similar message. Again, no response. Friday evening, same thing, except this time I got a response. The response didn't answer my question, it just said that she was bored and had a webcam. I again asked the question, and I got more details guessed it...the webcam. (I think you can guess what was said about the webcam and how she wanted to utilize it.) I responded by asking how she got my email and got more details on how she wanted to utilize the webcam. Now I'm pissed off and message back that if she doesn't tell me how I know her or how she got my email, that I'm going to block her. Her response was to dare me to do it. Umm, yeah...nevah dare me to do something. Needless to say, she's now blocked.

Since I haven't been giving out my email on the online dating sites, I can only presume that my email was culled from where I had 1 resume that was publicly viewable. This is just another reason to not make your resume publicly viewable. The other reason is that you will get a ton of bogus emails for sales jobs. What about Accounting and Bookkeeping screams sales? Seriously?

Of course it is possible that my email address was culled from a Craigslist job posting that I responded to. But, the im request came from a clearly female name. Was this woman just sending im requests to everyone? I mean, how can you tell from my resume that I am a lesbian? Or was this just a dude, who made made up an email address with a female?

Needless to say...none of my resumes on any of the job hunting sites are publicly viewable. It's really a shame that some creeps have to ruin it for people who a genuinely looking for a job and in some cases desperately looking for a job.

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Megryansmom said...

email me, I might have something for you and it doesn't involve a webcam

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