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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Woo hoo! We were celebrating on Saturday!

What were we celebrating on Saturday? Getting all of the smaller plumbing projects done around the house, courtesy of my next door neighbor, aka Awesome Handyman. He unclogged the bathroom sink without having to replace the trap. He installed the new toilet upstairs that's been impatiently waiting for me to eat my Wheaties and get er done. And may I say, it's AWESOME! You can't imagine unless you've gone through it, but having a toilet (the old one) that took several power roddings and still didn't clear, and having to run downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Ugh! But no more! Apparently the issue was with the toilet, not with the house plumbing. Who knew someone could get so excited about having a working toilet on the 2nd floor?

And...we finally got the dishwasher installed that I got off Freecycle. it FREE. Well, I did need to order a drain hose to the tune of $48, and buy a new water supply line and connector, but with the parts and installation, it was still under $100! Freecycle rocks! And it works like a charm! No more falling top rack, no more backing up with dishwasher suds all over the floor. And no more buying expensive "Complete" dishwasher soap. The rinse aid do-hicky on this one actually works! It is a bit noisier than the other one, but it's definitely a LOT less noisy than listening to the kids argue about washing the dishes by hand, and the counting of dishes and silverware to make it fair...and don't you know a pasta pot counts more than a cereal bowl? I didn't know that. Lol!

Awesome Handyman also took a chainsaw to the dead tree in my yard and made a good dent in it until the high winds started and he had to quit. He'll be back this weekend to hopefully finish turning that sucker into firewood, and also do some other things I need done. I have my list all ready! I can't wait!

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Lin said...

Where did you find him???! Criminy, that is GREAT to get all of that done. Nice!

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