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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I broke her kitty...

So we welcomed my girlfriend's cat, Lucy,  into the family. 

The family being myself, my son, my daughter, our cat Maddux and our other cat Irish. Poor Maddux is outnumbered.

My girlfriend made a point of telling me and the kids that her cat is very independent, does not like to be petted, picked up, or given treats.  I think she even used the word "skid-dish" when she described how Lucy was around other people, even members of her own family. 

Well...Lucy, you had only met me once prior to the move in, and now...she is my pal.  Lucy takes treats from me, lets me pick her up, lets me pet her, and has even slept on my feet. 

Initially Lucy just hissed at Maddux and Irish.  Poor Maddux, our resident Lothario...he was sooo trying to woo Lucy.  He followed her everywhere, she would just hiss at him.  Irish was constantly on the attack when Lucy was out.

Now...Lucy is breaking up cat fights between Irish and Maddux.  My girlfriend saw Irish and Maddux fighting at the top of the stairs and Lucy just watching...watching to make her stealth move.  She accessed the situation, jumped and landing right in the middle of the fight.  Irish and Maddux scattered, one went upstairs, the other down.  Lucy then sat guard at the top of the stairs.

Now Lucy wants to be freed from her little bed in the master bedroom closet.  She paws the door to get out, just like the other 2 cats.  She's also padding around the house, not caring if she brushes past one of the kids (early on she would hiss and run).

So the other night my girlfriend said "you broke my kitty".  And I said "great title for a blog post."

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