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Sunday, December 28, 2008

14 Pound, 2 ounce baby born in California

Speaking of babies. Oh my word! My 'lady parts' are hurting just thinking about this. This baby needed 6 month size baby clothes.

14 Pound Baby Born in Orange County, CA

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attygnorris said...

OMG!!! Say it isn't so. There is NO WAY I could have carried that baby and delivered him. I thought my 6 lb 13 oz baby was going to kill me.


MAC said...

I really hope she didn't have this baby natural. 2 of mine were 8 lb. 9 oz. and they were both through natural birth. I thought I was going to die but they at least came quick. I can't even imagine this.

Jodi said...

Ouch, is all I can think of to say, lol! Have a great Monday!

You have an award waiting for you on my blog Jodi's Journey

irel said...

wow, I had a 7lbs, 8.1, 8.9 babies and it was hard to deliver normally. props to the mother who delivered this big baby!

*Just Jen* said...

HOLY SCHNIKIES!!!! My son was just 6.11 and that was PLENTY big enough! Geesh! Happy belated birthday to YOUR baby!!!

Lola said...

attygnorris, mac, justjen:

The mother had the baby by c-section, but you are right, to even carry a baby that size for 9 months had to be hard. My son was 7 lb 7 ounces and my daughter was 7 lb 14 ounces and I thought each was a lot to carry both times. I can't imagine, that would be like my carrying both my children at the same time.


Thank you so much!

Lola said...


Wow, 8.9 must have been difficult.

Carina said...


Joey said...

Beats my 10.1 22 inch long son by a mile...

Angi said...

Holy! How does that happen!?

Lola said...


Ouch indeed!


Oh my, I hope that was a c-section!


You would think her doctor would have monitored her more closely. A baby that size had to be dangerous for both the mom and the baby.

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