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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagojevich names Burris to Senate Seat, Seriously?

The audacity of Blagojevich. The defiance. He took such an "attitude" in his speech, and I know that attitude was toward the media and those politicos who are out to impeach him, but as an Illinoisan I am offended. I found it disrespectful. It was clear from his tone that this was in retaliation for the predicament he has found himself in. He should be ashamed. Did you see this ‘tool’ at the end of the video when Congressman Rush is speaking? He’s bouncing up and down on his heels, so pleased with himself. Cocky, so and so. Speaking of Congressman Bobby Rush, he did not need to play the race card. It was uncalled for.

By naming Roland Burris, Blagojevich has opened up a whole other can of worms. Does he seriously think that this appointment is going to go unchallenged? And by appointing Burris, now Burris is in the mix. If the Democrats, the Senate and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White find a way to block this appointment, Roland Burris can sue the state, all the way to the Supreme Court to try to get his appointment back. Do we really need to waste more state resources on this baboon?

Speaking of Roland Burris, he was been part of the Chicago political machine for years and has served the state well. I think it’s very unfortunate that Blagojevich has dragged Burris into his mess.

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Cher said...

I have been watching Playhouse Disney and Noggin all day that I had no idea this even happened!

Jen said...

I quit watching "news" the day after the election. I just couldn't stomach anymore depressing news after the prop 8 mess. I didn't know this had happened but I'm not surprised. He really needs a haircut. Jen @

*lynne* said...

yea, heard about this new chapter in Blago-gate a few hours ago... the audacity of the dude! I was wondering who on earth would want to take on such a tainted appointment.. but as you said, I suppose if the appointment is revoked somehow, Burris can sue sue sue to his heart's content. ugh. this is *not* going to be pretty.

Lola said...


Somehow I don't miss those days. (Playhouse Disney, etc.) It's about the only story on the news since the press conference.


Love your site. I'm discouraged about Prop 8 as well, but unfortunately I am drawn to the news for Blago-gate.


Not only is it not going to be pretty, it's going to be very costly.

Angi said...

I couldn't believe this when I saw it, the audacity of that man is 100% disgusting. And pulling the race card was, as you said, completely uncalled for, and made the whole press conference even more of a joke.

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