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Monday, January 26, 2009

Blago on The View

Barbara Walters was not live on set. Barbara interviewed Blagojevich from a television monitor. Bizarre.

When Barbara attempted to quote "I got this thing, it's bleeping golden. I'm just not giving it up for bleeping nothing.", instead of saying bleeping, she tried to say expletive, but didn’t pronounce it correctly. Why can’t Barbara say expletive? She repeatedly mispronounced it. Again, Blagojevich saying that the tape excerpts were taken out of context.

Barbara, "here’s your chance, did you say those things?" Blagojevich claims the tapes will show all the conversations in the proper context. He also said he can’t confirm or deny anything without hearing the tapes? WTF? He doesn’t know what he said? He claims he wanted to leverage that (the Senate seat), create jobs, protect the residents of the state from higher taxes.

Barbara "How did you allow yourself to get caught like this?" Blagojevich claimed he thought his home was a sanctified place and your conversations are private. He claimed no wrong doing, no criminal intent on his part.

Where is Patti? Why isn’t she on? Barbara said that Patti cancelled on the advice of her family, her father Dick Mell and then dragged out the old ill will between Blagojevich and his father-in-law. Blagojevich claimed that Patti wanted to be home with their daughters because he fully expects their lives are going to change, the fix is in, he expects to be removed from office.

Barbara Asked him point blank, shouldn’t he resign. Blagojevich said no, to resign would admit that he did something wrong, it would make him a disgrace to his children and then he referenced that the legislature will raise taxes before Memorial Day. WTF? What does that have to do with resigning or not resigning? Isn't it a disgrace to his children to be dragging his dirty laundry all over the media and generally looking like a delusional doofus?

After the segment with Barbara on a television monitor interviewing Blagojevich, the other women of The View, Joy, Whoopie and Sherri interviewed Blagojevich on the couch. They interrupted him several times accusing him of being to technical and had him sputtering trying to dumb things down, but in the end his responses were somewhat unintelligable.

Then they brought up that they heard he was considering Oprah for the Senate seat. Blagojevich said, "Would Oprah take my call? Oprah’s Oprah, and I’m just the Governor of Illinois." Joy burst into laughter.

Then they talked about the swearing in the tapes. Blagojevich claimed that growing up in the streets of Chicago he learned that language and that he doesn’t use it in public, only in private. Whoopie’s face when Blagojevich was talking about being a potty mouth, was just priceless.

At the end of the interview Joy wanted him to do his Nixon impression "I am not a crook" and it about brought the house down.

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I am Harriet said...

What an embarrassment.
You're right- he and Drew belong together (in a jail cell?).

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