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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Third Conversation 10 Month – 10 Lives Challenge

Some of you may recall my post from Sunday, November 16, 2008,
10 Months - 10 Lives Challenge
Here is my previous post, My 2nd Conversation 10 Months - 10 Lives Challenge. It's time for my Third Conversation of the 10 Month - 10 Lives Challenge.

The government, for all intents and purposes views gay or lesbian partners as co-habitants, with no rights any more than 2 college roommates are entitled to. When Ellen accepted her People's Choice Award earlier this month she was trying to make a point when she thanked her “roommate” Portia. Even though Ellen and Portia got married August 16, 2008 her marriage is in limbo because of the passage of Prop 8.

Here are some things to think about marriage that are taken for granted my married couples every day:

When you are in the hospital, do you have to worry that your spouse, your loved one, will be able to visit, or be kept informed about your condition?
I was hospitalized several times in 2007. Each time, even though I was scared to death about my medical condition, all I could think about was, ‘will Anastasia be able to visit me, will they honor my wishes which I documented on my registration papers that Anastasia be allowed to visit and be notified completely of my medical condition?’ Because I have no family in Illinois, it is so much more important to me that she be kept informed. Each time I was hospitalized, different staff were involved and at times we were concerned that my wishes may not be carried out.
Do you have children? Are both you and your spouse able to obtain medical care for your children?
Anastasia and I had to seek the assistance of an attorney to draw up legal documents (Authorization for Consent to Medical Treatment of a Minor) that allow Anastasia to seek medical treatment for my children in my absence. These forms were essential in 2007 to get care for my daughter while I was hospitalized. The documents work, I highly recommend drawing up such documents in case of emergency.
When we file our taxes, we must each file Single returns. We have no other option.
Many of us have children.
We make a family together.
Some of us go to great lengths to make a family.
We want, what you want.
Some people say, ‘you have commitment ceremonies’ or in some states ‘Civil Unions’, you can still have a party and celebrate with your friends and families.
It's not about the party.
Civil Unions are not the same.
Civil Unions don't afford the same RIGHTS.
We want the Fairytale and the Rights.
We want to get married and
live happily ever after
with the same rights as you and your spouse.
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melissan said...

Hi Lola. I hear you. I just wrote a post about the new White House Agenda and Obama's support of same sex couples. Looks like we were thinking in the same vein today. I am one of the lucky few that lives in Massachusetts and I have been married to my wife since it was legal. We file taxes married for the state and single federal...and we both file as independent contractors just to make it interesting for our accountant. I hope that soon you will be able to marry your wife, "in spirit" just doesn't cut it. I hope you have a non-censored channel to watch the L Word tonight!

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