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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are Any Of Us Surprised?

Blagojevich/Burris - Burris Confirms Request for Blagojevich Donation. Seriously?

Burris says "there were several facts that I was not given the opportunity to make during my testimony to the impeachment committee." Really? And he just now thought it was a good time to mention it? Are we to believe that in such a high profile case that Burris is going to pull the "but they didn't ask me directly, so I couldn't tell them" defense? Come on! If Burris had information when he was questioned, why didn't he say something then? Is he trying to say that when the questioning was over he wasn't asked if there was anything he'd like to add?

I've said before Burris was part of the Chicago machine and didn't think Blagojevich's naming of Burris for the open Senate seat was on the up and up. I'm just surprised this has come up now. Why now? The conspiracy theorist in me wants to know what Burris is hiding that he is throwing out this bit of information.

IL Republicans Push For Investigation of Burris. Do ya think?

Burris is set to speak this afternoon. Do you think he'll resign?

Raines/Peterson - Have any of you seen the Today Show interview with Christina Raines all googly eyed with Drew Peterson? This Chicago Sun Times article, includes a portion of the video. Drew Peterson And Fiancee Christina Raines Make 'Today Show' Appearance. Seeing her hanging all over him makes me want to hurl. Whatever happened to her common sense? I thought she said the whole engagement thing was a hoax? I think I'm gonna be sick...

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