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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleepover From Hell

Where are my Cabin Fever Margaritaville Contest Participants?
I am still under the weather, I will be posting my contribution to the Carnival as soon as I begin to feel better, maybe in a day or so. In the mean time, please enjoy this post that I have had in the can (so to speak) for awhile.
When we first moved out to suburbia my daughter couldn't wait to have her first sleepover for her 13th birthday. I swear she invited half the school to the house party. There were kids everywhere. They all came to see the Lesbian Moms in their natural habitat. (For some reason they were all fascinated by us being Lesbians since my daughter outed us at her first school Divorce Group meeting. That's a whole different story.) There were boys and girls. Some of the boys hung out with my son playing video games in the living room. The rest of the pack, mostly girls hung out in the front yard and wandered the neighborhood and no doubt enjoyed drummer boy (the over the hill Metallica-head across the street) play the same beat on his drums over and over. (Did I say over and over? I meant over and over and over.)

After about 5pm the pack started to disperse and 4 girls who who were sleeping over stayed and another girl who could stay late, but not sleep over also stayed. There were Maddie, Michelle, Nicole #1, Nicole #2 and Kelsey. And of course my daughter. I ordered 3 extra large pizzas thinking that I over ordered. I didn't, these girls ate pizza like they'd been starving for a week. My son and I barely got any. I ended up heating up leftovers for my starving son.

Can I tell you it was LOUD? Six girls playing music and dancing and jumping on the bed. It sounded like a stadium full of screaming Hannah Montana fans. My daughter's new bed frame that we had just bought when we moved in 5 months earlier was toast. I've never seen metal bend like that, before then or after. I went to go upstairs to scold them for the jumping on the bed, but I didn't find out until morning that it was already too late. It quieted down a bit after I threatened to call all of their parents to come get them if they didn't stop jumping on the bed. Yes I did! (When I later told Anastasia about this she was mortified. She could not believe that i threatened to have their parents pick them up. Sorry, but I don't care whose kids they are, if they are breaking my stuff, I'm not going to continue to let them do it.)

Around 10pm there was some screaming and crying and suddenly Maddie came down and said she had to leave right away, that she called her father and he was coming. After she took off, my daughter came downstairs and said that Michelle had locked herself in the bathroom and was crying. It seems that "someone" (could it be.....Maddie?) took Michelle's unmentionables (bra and panties) and hung them from my daughter's ceiling fan and turned it on! Needless to say the girls that remained were laughing hysterically at the bra and panty fan. They laughed even louder when they discovered the fastest speed. I sent my daughter down to the kitchen to get a broom to get them down while I talked Michelle into unlocking the door and coming out. (One can only imagine what her parents thought about what was going on at my house.)

Next thing I overheard one of the girls saying they were going to sneak downstairs to my son's room and do the shaving cream prank. If you don't know what the shaving cream prank is, watch this:

I was not going allow them to traumatize my son, so I went downstairs and told my son to grab his sleeping bag and I let him camp out at the foot of my bed while we watched television all night. (We had to have something on to drown out the girly noise in the next room.) Anastasia was spending the night at her Mother's house doing her caregiver gig. (She had it soooo easy.) Those girls were still screaming and giggling well past 3am. In the morning when they came down for breakfast they were so angelic. It was as though they were completely different girls. Maybe it was a full moon?

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Anne said...

Eeeek! You are a brave woman, having all those girls sleep over. I can't even imagine it. I can't stand sleepovers (and teenagers scare me).

I am Harriet said...

Can't say I miss these things.

I am not sure I've had a fun vacation worth posting about. Well, since college- 100 years ago.

Lola said...

@ Anne-I was so naive. I had only had 2 sleepovers when I was a kid. One at a friends house, one at our house. Myself, my sister and our 2 friends. Nothing like the sleepovers my daughter had. I still can't believe they broke her bed.

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