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Sunday, February 15, 2009

PETA's Girl On Girl Make-Out Tour

People in Lubbock, TX got an unexpected eyeful yesterday. PETA is launching a new controversial campaign after their Super Bowl Ad was rejected. If you missed that ad, click on my post I Think I Have A Taste For Vegetable Soup.)

Apparently PETA thinks that sending out bikini attired women on mattresses to street corners is a way to promote their vegetarian agenda.

Frankly I don't think frat boys or dirty old men care about the message. All they care about is the cleavage and curves...And seeing their girl on girl fantasies fulfilled...on a street corner no less!

If you're a frat boy, or dirty old man, does viewing this make you yearn for veggies?

And...just a silly observation...why the gloves? Ladies! You're almost nekkid, are the gloves really keeping you warm?

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