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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Compliment Guys Give Free Compliments

Purdue 'Compliment Guys' Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing. Have you heard about the 2 guys giving out compliments "From 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. every Wednesday, they stand outside the chemistry building in the shadow of the university's Bell Tower with their "Free Compliments" sign. They're there in the rain. In the snow. And this week when the windchill made it feel like 10 degrees."? They claim they are not part of a psychology experiment, and they're not trying to pick up girls.

Brett Wescott, one of the young men in the duo says that "Just overall, making people's day is really satisfying. ... Not enough people do nice things anymore."

Who could argue with that?

Considering the state of our economy, the overall on guard, depressed state that everyone seems to be in because they are wondering if they are next to lose their job, wouldn't it be great if this idea spread?

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Ranran said...

that's very thoughtful. a small compliment could really brighten up someone's depressing day.

Michelle said...

I love this idea! Good for these guys!

Lin said...

My girlfriends are like them--they just load you with compliments, and it makes you feel so good. It's not overdone all phoney-like--but just a simple "I like that" makes you smile. We need more of that. Good for them!

Sue said...

That is cool. Maybe they are just trying to pick up girls though - lol.

Jen said...

This is great. There is nothing like a compliment to brighten ones day. What happens when they run across someone who is challenging to compliment? Do they make something up or can they find beauty in everything?

Stephanie B said...

What a wonderful thing to do! They don't have to be trolling for girls, but they're good catches. Nothing opens you up to being wonderful to be around like looking of the good in people.

We all ought to take our turns at this.

Lola said...

I want to know why the nightly news can't take 3 minutes out to cover this. I think it would spread like wildfire if they did. They're too busy spreading doom and gloom.

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