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Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Off My Lawn/Busted!

The damn dog from drummer boy (aka Metalica-head who plays the same drum riff over and over until you want to blow your brains out just to stop the noise) across the street's dog is busted. This damn dog is loose in the neighborhood all the time. This dog chases our son home from school nearly every day. This dog terrorizes the families that take walks when the weather is nice. I've even had this dog come up at me from behind and scare the bejeses out of me when I'm getting out of my SUV. See the person in the Safety Vest, he's from the village. The damn dog was chasing around him after he read our water meter.

Isn't he/she photogenic? Yeah! I'm sure Animal Control will think so too because I just emailed them 9 photos of the dog on our property from Friday and today. Today I as I was going to pour myself my second cup of joe I looked out the kitchen window to find the dog eating trash he/she pulled from our trash cans. We now have trash all over our yard.

Hopefully now with the photographic proof Animal Control can actually do something.

UPDATE: I called Animal Control about an hour ago and called them again just now. I was told that an Animal Control officer came out 6 minutes after my call and issued citations and they are sending them out again because we just saw the dog running into another neighbor's (not the owner's) backyard. They also confirmed receipt of my photographs. Will this put an end to the dog being let loose and terrorizing the neighborhood? Maybe not yet. But if the owner gets enough tickets maybe he'll take better care to keep his dog on his own property. I just don't want to see my kid or anyone else bit by this dog.

Geez! Am I getting old or what? I invoked a GOML!

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Chameleon@CoffeeBreak said...

Or see the dog get hurt, for that matter. Dog owners who let their animals run loose like this don't realize that there's a good chance their pet will end up under the wheels of a car or injured by another dog. Keep on keepin' on, Lola. Maybe if the owner gets hit in the pocket enough, he'll stop being too darn lazy to secure his dog.

Lola said...

@ Chameleon - I can't tell you how many times that dog has been out loose and I'm trying to back out of my driveway and I'm looking out behind and asking my kids to look out too for the dog so I don't run him over. The think that makes me really angry is that the dog isn't even very well cared for. There were times last year that we could hear the owner beating the dog and other times where you could see the dog wasn't being properly fed because you could see his ribs. I hope eventually they can take the dogs (yes, they have more than 1) away and go to good homes. The dog seems goofy and harmless but does get aggressive if you walk away from it or towards it.

Lin said...

Oh, go by CardioGirl today for the Barking Dog post and my 3 page comment/rant about the same thing. I hate bad dog owners!!!

You are not old in your thinking--it is annoying and dangerous to say the least. We have a neighbor dog who has barked incessantly for 9 years. I cannot wait until he dies. I'm glad you did something to save the neighborhood from the beast!

Lola said...

@ Lin - Now if I could just save the neighborhood from the owner's bad, repetitive drumming riffs at all hours. I've tried calling he sheriff, but the guy must have buddies there because nothing ever happens. He also plays 70's rock (although not a bad choice) all day long at high decibel levels. He needs to get a life and have some consideration for others. Anastasia got a photo of him walking behind his dog last week and I saw him, he looks like the Unibomber or ZZ top reject. (Considering his musical inclination, he would probably take that as a complement.)

I am Harriet said...

OMG! kill me.
Poor doggie to have such a stupid owner. It's a cutey too.

cardiogirl said...

That is crazy.

I thought I had it bad because the dog behind us barks crazily when out on potty breaks. But I would really freak out at the prospect of a dog running loose through the neighborhood.

I wonder what it takes to have a dog removed from an owner. It seems like I've seen that covered in the news, although those dogs are severely malnourished. It's a shame that they have to get to that point before taken away.

And I had to laugh that the neighbor "also plays 70's rock (although not a bad choice)..." Too bad he's not very good and doesn't take requests.

Katherine said...


I have a large dog, and would never allow her to run loose because I wouldn't want her to get hurt, or hurt someone else.

Some people are too irresponsible to have pets.

Good for you for being proactive, hopefully the authorities put an end to it.

Petula said...

That is so unsafe. I had the same problem with a dog once that lived next door. When my oldest was in middle school he would growl at her and chase her. When I was pregnant with my third child I was scared to get out of the car pregnant and carrying a toddler. It was awful. He finally got picked up before anything happened to him or anyone. You did the right thing.

BTW: Thanks for being one of my top droppers.

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