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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rants & Vents

1. Chicago Tribune's Name That Blago Book. Seriously? "From Hair to Profanity" was winning when I saw this.
2. I seriously need to soak in a tub of ice. My back is SCREAMING at me. Last night I took my 2 kids and my son's friend to the Bulls game. Anastasia's brother got us box seats and she couldn't go because she had her caregiver gig. I think a good time was had by all, but I couldn't really tell because my son's friend barely said a word. Apparently not much of a talker. But then again it was really hard for anyone to get a word in edgewise because my son appeared to be doing a monologue the whole ride to and from the United Center. By the time we were riding home and were still on I57 and not yet to I80 I invoked the "for cryin' out loud, someone shoot me". OMG! Now I'm wishing someone had because I can barely move. I was really tempted to invoke my usual "Cone of Silence" (No one within the sound of my voice is allowed to speak until said cone is lifted. Usually invoked on car trips to keep the sanity of the driver, usually me. {Sometimes used along with "hands behind your head" when sibling rivalry erupts in the back seat in the form of hitting, punching, pinching, or slapping. In the past we've been quite the site on the interstate. Two kids in the back seat hands on their head for miles. Lol!}) but because my son's friend was already almost silent, I didn't want to further discourage him from talking.
3. Why was there so much Bank advertising at the Bulls game? Why were most of the groups listed on the jumbo-tron (or whatever you call it) mostly banks? If you freakin want bailout money, then stop spending wildly. Your employees don't need to be going to NBA games. Sell your damn tickets and use the money to get your arses out of the hole you've dug for yourselves!
4. I am never taking almost 3 days away from blogging again. My stats are totally in the toilet.
5. GM Auditors Raise the Spector of Chapter 11. Really? I'm sorry, but until they get rid of the bloat that is layer upon layer of managers that do absolutely nothing, and until they respond to what the public wants (reliable cars that aren't gas guzzlers), GM can pretty much write their own obituary. Why weren't they doing something 2 years ago? 5 years ago? The only reason they are now talking Chapter 11 is to try to strong arm President Obama and his administration for more money. WHERE IS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S BAILOUT?
6. Why does it seem that no one but me realizes that the whole Jason "The Bachelor" thing was a publicity stunt? Come on people, aren't you smarter than this?
7. Anastasia and I never did make it to see Milk even though it played at our local theatre and was in the 5 buck Club movie list. Thankfully it is coming out on DVD 03/10/09. I'm going to make sure I get out and snag a copy. I'm so looking forward to seeing it at home on our big screen. Homemade popcorn is so much better. Lol!

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Patricia Rockwell said...

Oh, I am so with you! I hadn't seen the Blago book contest and will have to look for it. The bank business and GM--yes, yes, yes!

Staci said...

As far as the Bachelor goes, you're not the only one. The way I see it, they've done the "they live happily ever after bit" with Ryan & Trista. They've done the normal break up. They've done the guy who didn't chose either woman. They've even done the guy who married a soap star instead. The only thing left was the guy who changed his mind 5 minutes after the show. I believe the whole thing was contrived from the get go.

Plus, what people don't get it that, although the show airs over several months, in reality only a week or two passes, assuming it's like all those other dating and reality shows. No one falls in love in a week or two. Lust, yes. Love, not so much.

Lin said...

Blago is such a f*#@%ing idiot (to use his words), isn't he?!

Funny about your son. We used to leave super early for vacation (4 A.M.) thinking the kids would sleep! HA! My son would chat from 4:01 on......arrrghhh!

Da Old Man said...

Just wanted to comment of the GM fiasco. Until very recently, this company has been bleeding money. They pay their CEO millions, and then paid stock dividends that were huge. Successful companies pay pennies per share, GM paid in the neighborhood of 4 bucks per share just a couple years ago.
This company is totally mismanaged and deserves to go the way of Studebaker, LaSalle, and dozens of other auto companies that couldn't cut it.

Lola said...

@ Patricia - Be sure and go vote, it's a hoot!

@ Staci - I just find those kinds of shows completely moronic. The talk shows are just eating it up and I'm really tired of hearing about "The Bachelor Debacle".

@ Lin - I think when my son gets in the car he feels like he has to keep talking. Sometimes I just nonchalantly turn up the car stereo, but I didn't want to give my son's friend a bad impression of me. Lol! Usually if he gets too obnoxious I will switch to the CD player, crank the volume to the max and play the CD I burned for him. It starts out with Queen and he loves it, so he usually sings along and forgets about what he was talking about. Lol!

@ Da Old Man - My father worked for 2 different divisions of GM in the 50's thru the mid 80's. I've also worked for 2 different divisions in administration. I can tell you from experience that this has been a long time coming and it really angers me that they think they can cry poor and leverage the potential damage to the economy to get money that will not even be a bandaid to the problem. If they don't change their mindset and their business practices, they'll go down no matter how much money the government throws at them.

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