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Thursday, March 5, 2009

What If Drew Didn't Do It?

What if Drew Peterson had nothing to do with Kathleen Savio’s death and Stacy Peterson’s disappearance?

What if Kathleen Savio really did hit her head causing a scalp laceration, tongue clenched between her teeth and abrasions caused by drowning in an empty bathtub?

What if Stacy Peterson decided to just run away from her problems and has left the country?

What if Drew Peterson didn’t have anything to do with Kathleen’s death and Stacy’s disappearance…

1. and the state tied up his personal vehicles in evidence costing him thousands of dollars in car rental fees?
2. and the state tied up his personal computers in evidence, causing his children to be deprived of educational computer games?
3. and the state deprived Drew Peterson of his personal firearms causing him countless sleepless nights feeling unprotected by the happiness of a warm gun?
4. and the state cost Drew Peterson tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in attorney’s fees?
5. and the court and the public involved in the Grand Juries have wasted countless hours sitting through testimony, most of which was minutiae that had nothing to do with either case?
6. and the media has wasted countless hours of investigating and filming when they could have been spending more time looking at Rod Blagojevich way back on March 1, 2004 when Kathleen Savio’s dead body was found? The media could have been more heavily involved in bringing to light Rod Blagojevich’s connections to Stuart Levine and Tony Rezko in 2004 and his earlier alleged pay for play activities.
7. and Ernest Raines, Christina Raines father, wouldn’t have to take years off his life worrying about the well-being of his daughter and grandchildren?
8. and Drew Peterson’s stepbrother, Tom Morphey attempted suicide over helping Drew dispose of 2 large container’s from Drew Peterson’s bedroom that was just old clothing and linens?
9. and low self-esteemed, psycho prison/serial killer groupies who seek out dangerous "alleged" killers wasted time stalking Drew Peterson when they could have been stalking any of the many other "alleged" murders from 2004-2007. (See Serial Killer Groupiesfor a fascinating article. Please note that I am not inferring that Drew Peterson is a serial killer, not at all. I am referring to the bizarre phenomenon of women being attracted to and seeking out the opportunity to date or become involved with men "allegedly" involved in murder and other dangerous crimes.)


I may have had too much pain medication today.

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