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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tattoo Barbie?

Tattoo Barbie comes with a set of tattoo stickers that can be placed anywhere on the body and a water gun that appears to resemble a tattoo gun.

There is "Butterfly Art Barbie" released in 1999 and now "Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Nikki" (brunette version). Some Parents Not Too Happy With Tattoo Barbie.

Tattoo Barbies on

These seem pretty harmless. From the items on and this video, you can see the tattoos are hearts, panda bears, daisies and butterflies.

It's not like they've got tramp stamps for Barbie and skull and cross bones and nekkid ladies for Ken.

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I am Harriet said...

Barbie is almost old enough to join AARP.
Plus, I hear that she's in line to become wife #6...after wife #5 mysteriously disappears.....

Laane said...

Nice idea.
I asked my girls whether they liked it and they said : "Yes, but we think we're ready with playing with tattoos soon. Better give us more clothes."LOL!

Lisa C. said...

hehehe... So, you mean to tell me kids have no idea tattoos exist? They don't come in your favorite cereals, gumball machines, they used to come in cracker jack boxes when we were kids.. oh wait am i dating myself? lol.. whatever get over it.. if you don't want your kids to have it, don't buy it!!!

It's not like Dora came out with a tramp stamp right???

I bet Super mom has one!!!

Kim said...

OMG...I just posted on this yesterday too! My daughter has had temp tattoos forever (she's 5) & she has a ton of nekkid stuffed animals & dolls. I don't like Barbie, but I think this one is cool.

Margo said...

Hi, I blogged about Barbie today and am going to add a link to this post. I hadn't seen the groovy commercial for tattoo barbie. I enjoy visiting your blog!

JD at I Do Things said...

HAR! Tattoo Barbie. I love it. Yeah, lighten up, parents (easy for me to say). As long as kids can buy those innocent rub-on temporary tattoos, I don't see a problem with Tattoo Barbie. But how awesome would Body Modification Barbie be?

Nick | Mom Most Traveled said...

Cracks me up. I would like to ask all the upset parents to tell me when Barbie has ever been conservative. Oh, I know, when she was cruising around with her live-in boyfriend in her convertible sports car.

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