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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Follow up to "It's The Stand"

This is my follow up to my post It's The Stand!. It was the post I jokingly did comparing what's been going on in our country with the Swine Flu and the plot of Stephen King's movie, "The Stand".

Today on my twitter, "motherabigail" started following me. I haven't seen the movie in awhile, but I seemed to remember the name, so I googled the movie for the IMDb website to check out the character names. Yup, Mother Abigail is a character.

Ok, so I bit, I started following her and reading her tweets. Quite a few other characters from the movie are also following her. Frannie Goldsmith, Larry Underwood, Moon, Nadine Cross, Randall Flagg.

Here are a few of the tweets:
"Lord, please let these terrible visions stop. I ain't no moses, or noah, for that matter.about 1 hour ago from web"
"Lord, I pray you are merciful with those you takin to your bosom in the long, dark days ahead. Let not the children suffer, I beg of thee.about 4 hours ago from web"
"He's gatherin his people, the dark one. Time is growin short. Mailman says people gettin sick, and he's not lookin so good himself.about 4 hours ago from web"
"@larry_underwood oh, Larry, you dear boy. You got some tribulations ahead. My prayers are with you, child.2:18 PM Apr 29th from web in reply to larry_underwood"
"@Stu_Redman you be careful, East Texas. God's already takin' his children back to his bosom. They the lucky ones.1:17 PM Apr 29th from web in reply to Stu_Redman"

Some of this looks like lines from the book or the movie. So I guess this begs the question, are there a lot of people on twitter doing this? Taking on characters from their favorite book/movie and reciting lines back to each other? If so, why did they let me in on this? Do they always tweet in character? How long has this group of people taking on the characters of "The Stand" been doing this? Is it recent?

Do you know of any other twitter peeps who have taken on a book or movie character and are tweeting with others who are also in character?

I think I'm filing this under...

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Lin said...

That's some weird stuff, Lola. Sounds like somebody needs to get a job....or a life. Didn't that kinda scare you a bit?? Clown wig kinda scary??

*lynne* said...

I'm following Darth Vader - check him out! :) I haven't looked at twitter recently, but if I recall correctly, this dude is certainly in character. :)

Lola said...

@ Lin, Lynne - I did some googling, it looks like this has been planned.

JulieChats said...

I didn't know people did that....

Visiting tonight from Harriet's site.

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