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Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time Thursdays - Reunions

Come join me for If I Could Blog Back Time Thursdays! We'll be taking time out to share some memories. We'll Blog Back Time with possible ways to right past wrongs or about how times have changed. We'll share childhood memories, school/work memories, family and friend memories.
Today's topic is: Reunions
I've been to 3 reunions.

The first was a family reunion on my Mom's side of the family. The Italian side. The food of course was awesome! Some relatives actually came from Bagheria, Sicily and Santa Flavia, Sicily, both being outside Palermo, Sicily. So many people, I think it was the largest party I attended up to that point. So many people speaking Italian. I'm sure my Mother was both having a field day at being able to speak it, but also feeling overwhelmed because she was a bit rusty. She only spoke it with my grandmother, with my aunts when she didn't want us kids to understand what she was talking about, or when she was frustrated with us.

Just like all of our large family events, this was at Club Garibaldi in the Bay View area of Milwaukee. I had to have been maybe 12, 14 years old. It was odd being around so many people speaking Italian, many of them assuming that my sister and I did. We just gave them all 'duh-oh' looks and stood there. Lol! Unfortunately my mother never taught us any Italian. Of course, as kids do, we did learn some Italian on our own, the more colorful words.

One of my aunts has mentioned wanting to have another reunion, but she's moved out of state, so I wonder if and when one will take place and where it would be. Doesn't it get sad as you get older how the only time you get to see some of your distant relatives is at funerals? It used to be you'd see them at weddings too, but with there being so few weddings (at least in my families) and with budgets the way they are, distant relatives typically aren't even invited.

The second reunion I attended was my 5 year high school reunion. I graduated class of 1979. The reunion was 1984, just a week or so after my Mom passed away. All the kids from the neighborhood who didn't make the funeral came up and expressed their condolences. This was my first social event after the funeral and it was really difficult to keep it together. A lot of stories about my Mom. My Mom, the unofficial Mom of the block. It was like the funeral all over again. Being that this was at a hotel, and it was open bar, alcohol was free flowing. Yeah, not such a good thing in retrospect. Oh don't worry, it wasn't too bad, but I'll save that part of the story for an upcoming If I Could Blog Back Time Thursday - Courage In A Bottle post.

I missed the 20 year reunion because it was at the same time my ex-husband had his psychotic break and I couldn't possibly leave the kids with him in Chicago and go to the reunion in Milwaukee.

I was all excited to attend our 25 year reunion, but it was cancelled for 'lack of interest'. WTH? How is it that a class so large didn't have enough people to have the event?

This year is our 30 year reunion and I've been checking, mylife and a reunion site for the high school, not a word about a class of '79 reunion. How can it be that no one is getting together for your 30 year reunion?

The third reunion I attended was for Anastasia's family in 2008. It was a 3 day extravaganza. Friday was dinner at Murphy's Pub in Orland Park. Saturday was a golf event. Sunday was a get together at the local VFW.

Anastasia was on the planning committee and I worked behind the scenes creating a directory of everyone's contact information.

I have to say that her family is awesome! AWESOME! I really felt like I was a part of the family and they made my kids feel like they were part of the family too.

Rumor has it there is another event planned later this year. That's in addition to the usually smaller, regular annual golf event which should be coming up soon.

Here's an old family photo and then the 2008 version.

And no, for you sneaky sneaks trying to sneak a peek of Anastasia or myself, we are not in either photo.

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Ranran said...

the only thing I hate about reunions is that my aunts (one in particular) keeps asking irritating questions like, "when are you gonna get married? (i'm only 21!) and "you've gained weight! (duh. so did you.)

so there.

have a nice week!

Auntie E said...

I posted my "So Called" high school reunion? Check it out.
Hi Lola, great to see this again! I really enjoyed the postings. Attended one family reunion. It was a nation wide reunion of my fathers family line. found out my Great grandpa was adopted. so our last name really wasn't their name. Also found out my Great great grandpa Was a banker owned what is now Merchantile Bank! But my grandfather married a women from the other side of the tracks, so now inheritances:-(

Auntie E said...

that is No inheritance. wishful thinking entering in,lol. there goes my eyes,OHno:-0

I am Harriet said...

Who needs reunions when you have Facebook :)

Lola said...

@ Ranran - 21 is kind of young. But then wait until you finally do get married, then they will want you to have babies. Unfortunately it doesn't end. Lol!

@ Auntie E - I will definitely check it out.

@ Harriet - Practically no one from my high school is on facebook. 2 people from my class of 79. I thought maybe they were on myspace. Nope, I joined there, and there was no one! I don't think that the class of 79 is computer illiterate, maybe they're just all too busy?

Sandee said...

This year is my 40 year reunion but I'm not going. It interferes with boating. Since I'm going through the chairs in our yacht club there are things that I'm required to do. Drat. I would have gone too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Shauni said...

This is a timely post. This week is my High Schools 50 Anniversary. I had planned to attend and things went a bit haywire..

So I am a bit sad at missing all of my friends. As my 30 year is next year I doubt they will plan a reunion as they are all flying int this year..

It is sad I know but such is life..

I am Harriet said...

Hey Lola-
Who's that hot looking babe in your widget???

BTW--I'm having a contest with a 3 column blog template as the

melissa said...

I accidentally linked to this...I'm only working on my parenting blog right now and so far, haven't participated in this turn back time project! Please delete me without prejudice for my idiocy!

Lola said...

@ Sandee - Boating sounds like fun.

@ Shauni - Are you sure there isn't some way you can make it?

@ Harriet - Goooofy!

@ Melissa - No biggy, it's easily fixed. Hope the baby is doing well.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Reunions are always a lot of fun. Well, the ones that I go to anyways. Sounds like you had a lot of fun which is great.

I'm coming to you through the 1000 comment challenge.

Nightowl mama said...

stopping in for the comment challenge. CUte post luv the pictures thanks for sharing

Nightowlmama said...

aww dang my url didn't get inserted here's another :)

Stacey said...

I've managed to avoid the family reunion for 15 years, hopefully I can avoid it another 15! There are a lot of good ol' Southerners in my family; enough said.

Anissa said...

Don't have any reunion pictures yet!
Great pictures.
Stopping by from Harriet's.

TheSnackHound said...

I went to a reunion with my ex husband. (we were marrid at the am not that masochistic to go with an ex). All the football players and cheerleaders had married...divorced...and married someone else from the same clique. Sickening!

Beth said...

I have no reunions left to go to. My family is all over the globe. and my high school reunions I am just not interested in going to.

Over The Top Aprons said...

I have always enjoyed our class reunions. About 5 years ago the "Sr. Girls", a group we all hung around with got together and we have an annual get together at a chosen location or at one of the "girls" summer home at Lake Tahoe (California). It is great fun - we are 18 all over again.

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