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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mystic Of The Smoking Jacket

Does anyone even know what a Smoking Jacket is anymore? I mean, when was the last time you saw one? Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were all devotees of the Smoking Jacket, back in the day. Fred Astaire was buried in his Smoking Jacket! (For a moment, lets bypass the fact that Dean Martin died of lung cancer and Frank Sinatra died of pneumonia.) I’m talking about the heir that one appeared to have by owning and wearing one.

A Smoking Jacket screams, ultimate relaxation and luxury, doesn’t it? I think there is a whole mystic about it. You don’t really even need to light up a pipe or a cigar. Don’t you just get the idea that when you put it on, sit in a nice big leather chair, put your feet up, grab that scotch on the rocks from the desk, that you will feel this wonderful calm about you? I want one of these!

The only person I’ve seen lately sporting a Smoking Jacket is Hugh Hefner. In fact, I think it’s his uniform. I mean, how often have you seen him NOT sporting a Smoking Jacket?

What celebrities, people do you imagine sport a Smoking Jacket?

Do you think President Obama wears one? Hmm. Jack Black? Possibly. Justin Timberlake? Not likely. Matthew McConaughey? (Nah, he's worked on those abs to hard to not show those off!)

Here are a few that I found on the web:

Comedian - Emo Philips. Fail! Doesn't seem to fit, does it?

Hugh Hefner. Of course!

And here is an embarrassing photo that the USDA Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters and the Ad Council probably wouldn't like to get out:

Smokey the Bear.

I think I could “rock” a Smoking Jacket. I mean, a delicate flowered silk robe just isn’t me. Whenever I’m very cold or feeling ill I will wear my fleece robe which has a snowflake pattern. Anastasia just snickers at me because I look like a big ol’ dyke snowflake. But, if I had a Smoking Jacket, I would look all calm, relaxed and worldly. Goodness knows I could use some relaxation and stress reduction! And I would definitely look like a dyke, because a traditional Smoking Jacket is very butch looking and not at all femme. I think I could "rock" a coordinating paisley scarf.
What do you think?

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Lin said...

I don't imagine lying about all day in a smoking jacket--they're all silky and slippery and stuff. I think it would drive me nuts to keep tying the stupid belt that keeps slipping apart. You and I both associated the Smoking Jacket with Hugh Hefner--he was the only one I could think of who wears one too!! Nice squirrel.

I am Harriet said...

My dad had one of those.
That's before smoking was bad for you.

Shauni said...

well I can see some fun reasons to wear a smoking jacket as I adore the feel of silk... but it really isn't for lounging about and honestly what men do you know these days who feel comfortable in silk? and there I think lies the crux of the problem

Dina said...

too funny, its the cravat that would really make you look like a syke

*lynne* said...

Bwaahaha... can't leave a coherent comment, still laughing at Smokey the Bear, heeheeheheeee :D

Patricia Rockwell said...

That's a much kinder, gentler Smokey the Bear than the one with the helmet and axe. I say we send this Smokey around to elementary school classrooms for lessons on fire prevention.

Jen said...

I thought Hugh was wearing his PJs, I didn't realize it was a smoking jacket. See, learn something new everyday.

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