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Friday, May 15, 2009

Farrah's Story

How many of you watched “Farrah’s Story” Friday night? This was a program that was difficult to watch. In a way you have to admire Farrah Fawcett’s courage and spirit, but at times, watching it I just had to say to myself, she’s not being realistic. Chances are she will die from the cancer or some complication resulting from the cancer or cancer treatment. I'm sure her positive outlook has helped her through some difficult times.

My own Father was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes in 1989. It was a year before that I had moved to Chicago. A year after that diagnosis he became jaundiced. Tests were run and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I drove down every weekend to visit him. I didn’t watch his day to day struggles, until the last few months of his life. After he had an unsuccessful surgery, he went into a hospice for a short period of time and then he went home to finish out his days. I spent 3 day weekends taking care of him, while my sister and her husband took care of him the rest of the week.

It’s not easy watching someone go through what Farrah Fawcett is going through and she has to be commended for having the courage to have cameras follow her through her journey. I don’t really know what she ultimately hoped to accomplish by doing this very personal documentary, still I found it compelling.

At one point during the show a doctor mentioned that it was now time for Ms. Fawcett to look at trying treatments that cause hair loss. He said that at the beginning of her treatment she wanted to avoid those kinds of treatment. My first thought, as was Anastasia's, was whatever works! Try the best treatments possible first and who cares about the hair loss. In fact, at the start of treatment I'd shave my head, thereby avoiding the trauma of hair loss. Now I certainly don't have long gorgeous locks like Ms. Fawcett, but where is her priority? Our thoughts were, 'take charge of it', don't let it take charge of you.

At my last job there was a woman who was a top agent at the real estate office that I worked at. She had breast cancer and yes, it was caught early enough to be treated successfully. She decided not to seek treatment because she didn't want to lose her hair. Yes, she died. This was a woman who was quite healthy before the cancer, physically fit, in good shape. She let her vanity take her life early. She passed away in 2006. Countless women before her got treatment and have lived long healthy lives. She did leave a beautiful corpse, though, didn't she?

The local news after the program mentioned that Mr. O'Neal had hoped that Ms. Fawcett could be brought out of a drug induced coma to watch the program. It's sad to know that her health has deteriorated to this point. I do hope she was able to see it. I find it deplorable that lawsuits are flying over her video diary, "Farrah's Story". Lawsuit, Health Woes Hang Over 'Farrah's Story'. I think it's time for everyone to give her and her family some peace.

To anyone who missed the airing on Friday, Farrah's Story is being repeated on several stations. Check your local listings, as I am not sure which time zone these listings are for.
OXYGN Sun, May 17
1:00 PM
MSNBC Sun, May 17
6:00 PM
BRAVO Mon, May 18
11:00 PM
BRAVO Tue, May 19
1:00 AM
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Stephany said...

I think she deserves peace too

Auntie E said...

Here in Florida at the memorial for Fallen Peace Officers. Miss that Show. I so did want to watch it.
Miss you commenting on My "If I Could Blog back time-thursday" posts. Saw your commented on the others, Am I banded? Missed your input for some time... Hope to hear from you soon.

Dina said...

i was going to write on this very subject this morning but i think you captured it all. what i wondered (especially being someone who is into natural health) is would i rather extend my life by a year being miserable and sick from all the treatments, or spend a few monthes living life to the fullest ...or at least make that decision after only one of those harsh treatments did not work. of course, she was getting treatments and going to germany that most humanlings could never afford. i did notice when she was taking all of her drugs, her list included a lot of herbs, i assume that was the german doctor's influence.

Lin said...

I think what this show conveyed was how human Farrah is after all. No matter how famous, rich, or beautiful, we are all human and are fallible. Sad, wasn't it? To see her fight, her sadness, her excitement over the promise of a good treatment, her acceptance of losing her trademark mane? Wow. I'm sad to see her, or anyone, suffer that much in the end. I wish we could push a button to end it on our own terms.

JD at I Do Things said...

I didn't see the show, and I'm not sure what she was trying to accomplish either, other than raising awareness that cancer sucks and no one is immune. I tend to feel a little prickly when celebrities get a serious illness and it's plastered all over the media, like, how dare someone famous get sick! This is happening all over the world, to people who have no money and no insurance or maybe even no one to care about them. They're the ones I feel sorry for.

As for the hair issue, a friend of mine started losing her hair when she underwent chemo for breast cancer. She used to just pull it out and put it in her compost bin. Very practical.

Joey said...

That is so hard to watch. I'm sorry about your father. I lost my mom to colon cancer nearly 4 years ago. Boy was she a fighter. She was determined to live. She fought for 2 1/2 years. It wasn't until her doctor finally gave her 3 months that she qave in, and quit fighting... she was gone 10 days later.

Pricilla said...

If she is in a drug induced coma she is probably very lucky. It took my mother 8 long, horribly months to die of her cancer. A drub induced coma would have been a blessing.

I didn't want to watch the show. I lived it with my mother....not the same kind of cancer but the experience. No Germany though.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I didn't see the show, but I wish her the best. On a lighter note, your new format looks great!

Shauni said...

I didnt watch the show I couldnt. But it reminds us all that we are all human no matter how rich, how beautiful, life is what we make it. Farrah chose to make it as positive as possible. There is a message there for all of us..
thank you Farrah..

Lola said...

@ Stephany - Definitely. The sad part is that the media isn't going to let go of it.

@ Auntie E - Sorry I didn't post, I've gone back and posted. 40 lashes with a wet noodle for me.

@ Dina - I think Farrah's story shows how much can be done medically. The sad part is, that you have to have the $$$ to find the treatments. The average person could never afford to seek the treatments she has.

@ Lin - Her spirit really is to be admired.

@ JD - Wow, that is practical.

@ Joey, Priscilla - So sorry to hear about your moms. I debated watching it also, because I knew it would be difficult.

@ Patricia - Thank you! (Thank Harriet, she did such a great job!)

@ Shauni - I don't think I could ever manage to be that positive.

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