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Friday, May 15, 2009


What is with Chrysler and GM chloroforming so many successful local dealerships in Illinois? No Haggle End For 100's of Chrysler Dealers. Who is going to stop these Mr. Potters and where is George Bailey when you need him? How is shuttering these viable businesses going to help the bottom line? It seems to me like both Chrysler and GM are destined to become the Packard and Studebaker of our times. What they really need to do is slash all those multi-layers of middle management and focus on producing products more in line with what the public demands.

When is my young man going to stop growing? A year ago I bought my 14 year old son a dress shirt and tie in a Men's size 17.5 neck. Last Friday was Career Day at school so he had to dress up. He put the shirt on and could not button the top button. Not even close! This Tuesday he had to dress up again, for extra credit for some class, or so he says. Last summer I got him a couple dress shirts at a yard sale, in new condition, he wanted to wear the striped shirt today, but his tie didn't match so Monday night we went to buy a tie. Tuesday morning he tries the shirt on, this one is a Men's size 18.5 neck and I could barely button it. I had to button it, tie the tie for him, then unbutton it so he could breathe. WTH? The kid is only 14! He seriously needs to stop growing. Anastasia was remarking the other day how he seemed bigger, broader shoulders, but his neck? The weird thing is, his pants are starting to hang, so he's losing weight in his waist. Arghhhh!

More politician shenanigans. Todd Stroger: Cook County Board President $12,000 Tax Lien. Why must all Illinois politicians embarrass us so?

Why does Blogojevich get to have 3 attorneys paid for out of his campaign fund? Each getting the same rate ($110 per hour) as court appointed attorneys. Why did the judge allow him to pay for these attorneys out of his campaign fund? This is so wrong! I've got an attorney tab that you wouldn't believe for issues with my ex and visitation/safety and I don't have a public fund to pay for it. WTH?

Drew Peterson with his stylish prisoner bling and fashionable jumpsuit is all over the news. Oh to be a fly on the wall...Drew Peterson, Stepbrother, Former Acquaintances Appear At Grand Jury.

Free Viagra: Pfizer Offers Free Viagra, Lipitor And Other Drugs To Uninsured, Jobless Americans which sounds like they should be applauded, but this is only for people who have lost their jobs since January 1st, 2009 and have been on the Pfizer drugs for at least 3 months prior. Once again, another ploy for publicity and hollow attempt to appear to be helping the unemployed. What about those of us who lost our jobs before January 1st and still don't have a job? What about those people? Just sweep them under the rug and maybe they'll go away, huh?

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Shauni said...

Don't even get me started on the thought of our "beloved" (she says with a sneer) automobile dealers.. They have had over 30 years to avoid this situation and chose greed first..

Pay their taxes?? why should they? I mean they are special don't you know that...

Gov. Rod.. He is entitled.. just ask him..

Kids who grow.. my oldest is 6'8"... then let see.. 6'2", 5'9" and 5'8"..etc.. sheesh

Drew Peterson.. enough said

Dina said...

because viagra is so about birth control instead? can you tell these companies are ran by men?

Stephanie B said...

Don't get me started on legal fees. I'm still recovering from my divorce. Six years ago.

And I'll never get over the stain of the resultant bankruptcy.

Megryansmom said...

Don't be so hard on Todd, I heard this morning he didn't have the cash to pay his tax bill. He'll have it cleared up in 6 months. Grrrrr

Kelly B said...

I HATE TODD STROGER!!! Oh MY god! Really, he makes me feel violent!


Kate Burton said...

I'm with you on the insurance. I put up a post yesterday about the whole Pfizer PR play because it also does nothing for the people who are working and don't have insurance. Seriously, don't get me started.

Lin said...

Gees, there's a lot going on here. Maybe we need to pack a cooler and take the road trip down to see Jo singing at church. Might chill you out a bit. Or perhaps you can just get that scanner and spend the evening listening to cop calls. It's the New Millenium Glady's Kravitz!

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