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Monday, July 13, 2009

dorks r us!

Yeah, I'm not sure why I'm even posting this, other than to prove once and for all that I was truly, truly deserving to have won Lin at Duck And Wheel With String's Dork-Off contest. I mean, seriously, I campaigned for it. That should have told you something right there.

But wait there is more. Remember my post where I talked about my computer mysteriously shutting off and then not turning back on again? And how I made made a late night call to HP tech support and performed brain surgery on my laptop. And how the next day I made a trip to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and how the guy just plugged it in and it turned on just like that! You know, just like when you have that noise in your car and you bring it to the repair shop and the car geek guy takes it for a spin and doesn't hear it? Like that!

Well, it happened again Saturday night! I thought it may have been because I had inadvertently left the laptop on while my daughter and I went to the banquet. I thought maybe it got to hot, so I let it cool for awhile. Then I put the battery in, nothing. Tried hitting the F'keys like I remember the HP tech told me to the first time. I even re-seated the Ram card. Nothing! As I was on hold for the Geek Squad I told my daughter to plug the power cord into a different outlet. In order to do this I had to move the power cord from the left of me to the right of me.


Wait for it...
The cord was disconnected from the power supply thingy (where I have written "Plug in Here" on my high tech diagram). Yeah, I had it plugged into my computer and plugged into the wall socket, however both were no longer connected to each other! Somehow it wiggled lose and disconnected. I quickly re-connected them, tried to turn it on and wah lah! It turned on! I immediately hung up on the Geek Squad (I wasn't rude...I was still on hold and hadn't yet spoken to a live person.)

Is that dorky or what?

What dorky thing will you admit you've done lately? Grab the I'm A Dork Badge here, and post your dork story on your blog.
Come on...I know I'm not the only one.
(Please...don't let me be the only one!)
(I'm serious!)
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Stephany said...

Yes, the lawn mower wouldn't work, a lot of cussing appeared to make it work, no actually, it was the plug that connected something on the motor, don't ask me what that was, all I know is once connected the thing finally started. Hey, I called an exterminator once for enormous so-called rat poop the size of large jelly beans, the guy comes out, looks in the garage, bends over to get a closer look at the enormous rat poops, and they were in fact large licorice flavored jelly beans. I had opened a package and it spilled....maybe that's stupid blonde category,don't know. He still charged for the service call too!

JD at I Do Things said...

Well, there was the time I parked my car in a friend's driveway and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what "that noise was." It was my car. Still running. And yes, I'd locked the door.

Unluckily my friend (and her friends) were all watching from inside.

Oh, look, a muffin!

Kelley said...

I just did a dumb, dorky thing yesterday! I was sitting at the computer (probably playing FarmTown on Facebook,don't tell anyone), when my son shot me with a Nerf dart. When I went to turn around in my chair, I'm not really sure what happened. I went down, the chair went out from under me, and long story short, I've got a big purple bruise on my right hip the same shape as the arm rest of the chair. Seriously, who falls out of a chair? Besides me, that is.

Lin said...

Oh, that is classic dorkiness, Lola!!! Love the story and yes, you are very deserving of the award both here and on my blog. :)

Stacie said...

LOL Lola!!! We could have a new meme called Dorks R Us... and we could all tell stories too!! Wouldn't that be funny to hear everyones story. I know I could have a few funny moments to tell.

Rebecca said...

Wow. I don't know if I can top your story...

LOL! ;)

You're a good sport for writing such a great story on your blog! And if my laptop isn't working, from now on the 1st thing I do is check the cord! rofl!!!

Buggys said...

Thanks for the story Lola...we all have those moments. We're all laughing along with you.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

ROTFLMAO! That's too funny! What's even funnier? Is that exact same thing happened to me not long ago...though I didn't end up calling any Geek Squad, I just started looking online for a new power supply for my computer, hoping I'd find one that didn't cost an arm and a leg...I couldn't figure out why my battery wasn't recharging when I had it plugged in, so I thought either the battery was dying or the power supply had gotten too hot and was on the verge of frying. Then I noticed the chord wasn't plugged in like your scenario... D'OH! :)

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