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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rant and WTH?

Ok, I think it's pretty safe to post this because the people involved don't read my blog.

Today was Anastasia's Mom's Birthday. So all the kids took her out to lunch. Anastasia called me in the middle of my running around day to invite me. (This is not the rant, this is the lead in to the WTF.)

So, everything is cool, her brothers and sisters are always nice. So drinks and appetizers are ordered, but the appetizers haven't arrived yet. Anastasia steps out with some of her sibs for a smoke. I'm seated 2 seats away from one of her brothers. The other seats are empty. All of a sudden he calls to name...

not my name...
wait for it...
are you ready for it?

He calls to me using Anastasia's ex-partner's name. YES! It took me a moment to process it. At first I couldn't figure out who he was talking to. I just stared at him and he stared back with this duh look as if to say, why didn't you answer the first time. Seriously! Then I finally realized he was talking to me! (You talkin' to me? Lol!) I thought maybe if I stared a bit longer he'd realize his mistake, but he didn't. WTF? Anastasia hasn't been with that ho for 8 years. We've been together 5 years. I'm at every family function. How do you make that mistake?

See kids! Alcohol kills brain cells!

You know how when you go out in a group there is sometimes discontent about splitting up the bill for a large group? Yeah, ahh, we got some discontent here. Anastasia and I had the $5 lunch special with iced tea, some had steak dinners and they all drank like fishes. Some having 5 cocktails before the appetizers arrived! Are you seeing where this is going? Yes, they split the bill equally. I told Anastasia next time I'm having the Prime Rib. Or perhaps I should have done what a co-worker used to do at corporate lunches and order a meal to go for my son who was at home eating pb&j for lunch.

(Ok, I'm still chanting - But Anastasia and I got to spend the afternoon together without the kids. But Anastasia and I got to spend the afternoon together without the kids. But Anastasia and I got to spend the afternoon together without the kids.)

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Sandee said...

Just keep chanting. Sounds like that was the best part of lunch. I can't believe the splitting the bill part. That's so unfair and alcohol should never be part of the mix. Just saying.

About being called the wrong name. I so hate that too. It's like they don't get it.

Have a great day. I hope Anastasia's mom had a terrific birthday. :)

Lin said...

Ahhhh, family. Love them, don't you?? And you have to just either speak up about the bill or hand over the amount that you owe--not what they decided you owe. Everyone is so busy counting the cash, they'll never figure out who short changed them. And if they are rude enough to point it out, you can just say that you are paying for your share.

Nobody is gonna say a thing.

As for the name--he's an IDIOT.

Lin said...

And how lovely that you got to spend some time together! :)

Stephany said...


just remember that, it's what'll get you though the rotten times. (like other family gatherings LOL)

Lola said...

@ Sandee - Perhaps at the next family function I should bring along a "Hello My Name Is Lola" sticker and if he does it again, simply whip the sticker out and put it on my shirt. Bet he'll still have that d'oh look on his face.

@ Lin - It's stuff like this that makes me not upset that all my family lives out of state. Lol!

@ Lin, Stephany - I'm still chanting it!

atorturedsoul said...

Ugh. You should start calling him another name. If his name is Jeff, for instance, call him George. If he points it out, say, "Oh, you know what I mean, George." lol I'm mean.

Always ask for a separate check. Some restaurants say they will separate it at the register but insist they write a separate check for your bunch. It saves a lot of trouble.

Sorry you had such a rough day. Hope today has been better!

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