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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

stray cat strut

Sunday night while I sat out on our porch for over an hour a stray gray kitten came and joined those of us on the porch and kept weaving herself in between our legs. At one point, when the screen door was left open just long enough, she even ran into our house.

Monday morning we heard an awfully loud and insistent meowing at the front door. It was our little friend. Seeing an awesome blog opportunity, I grabbed my Flip and began taking video until our daughter's bus came and then went inside. The loud, insistent meowing began again and she climbed to the top of the green chair you see in the video and peered her head into the window pane of the screen door. It would have been an adorable photo, but I couldn't grab my camera fast enough. Anyway, here is the video. My apologies for the hack editing. This was my first time using Windows Movie Maker. (It only took me an hour after I got my storyboard set to figure out what format to publish it in. Then it took forever to upload on YouTube.) Enjoy!

I ran our son to golf lessons, came home and kitty was not to be found. When I went to leave to retrieve our son I saw Drummer Boy, aka Metallica-head straddling a bicycle, on Mr. Friendly's driveway talking to Mr. Friendly.

On his shoulder was perched guess who?

Kitty! (No wonder Kitty kept walking on the deck railing up to my shoulder, he apparently trained her to perch on his shoulder like a freakin' monkey!)

I was on the porch mere moments and then he spoke to me in a lazy, scary, psycho kind of drawl, "you wanna kitty?" (pause) "I can give ya some cat food if ya want 'er." I just chuckled nervously (read snickered) and high-tailed it to my car. We haven't seen Kitty since, but our family has seen a whole litter of kittens on his property at various time over the past 3 days.

We're kind of tempted to take one of them, but with the cost of shots and what have you, it's giving us second thoughts. She's awfully adorable, isn't she? She so reminds me of when Sophie was a kitten.
So, what would you name this curious kitty?
Please post a suggestion in the comments.
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Lin said...

Uh oh, it looks like you got adopted. And the feeding of kitty is the cincher--you got yourself a kitten. But she/he is lovely and it would be nice to have a new pally, wouldn't it???!

I typically give my animals human names--I hate 'Cinder' or 'Smokey' or those really lame names for gray cats. Get creative, pally.

And oh, I love the movie--very nice work. I love the credits. Maybe a rocker name for her??

Kate said...

Oh my god! Too cute :) I don't have a name suggestion, but I think you need to take her in...

Sandee said...

I think she has you picked out as her new momma. That's what I think. She's indeed adorable.

How about Zadie because she's a princess.

Now go get your kitty.

Have a terrific day. :)

Staci said...

I had a stray that looked a lot like that one come up on my porch a few years ago. It was the sweetest cat ever. I felt bad for it and set out some water and dog food (didn't have any cat food). Like you, I was almost tempted to take her, but she was kind of hunched over and, not to be gross, but her butt looked kind of funny, like she might have worms. I added up the vet bills in my head, factored in the two dogs, and remembered that my HOA doesn't allow for more than two pets and passed. Plus, I was scared she wasn't a stray, as people friendly as she was, and just belonged to someone who didn't think that the she looked unhealthy. I don't know what happened to her. I hope someone took her in because she was the sweetest little thing.

Stephanie B said...

I love kitties and got one once by visiting my MIL and the cat was waiting on the porch, got up when I got there, clearly saying, "Where have you been?" Great kitty.

I like the name "Ghost" or Cinderella (think cinder). I'm whimsical.

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