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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Major Award

I was so excited this morning when our mail carrier came early and actually got out of the truck. She was carry this package:
Hmm, wonder who the package is for? Ooh, ooh, ooh! It's for me and it's from my blogger pally Lin @ Duck And Wheel With String. It must be my Major Award for my Dork-Off win on her blog.

My daughter was home a 1/2 day from summer school and saw the box and asked who sent me cheese. Lol!

I opened the box to find an Isabel Bloom Garden Toad pally! I absolutely love it.
I just want to thank Lin for starting me on what will likely be a new obsession. (Anastasia will be thanking you later. Lol!)

P.S. This is a trillion times better than a leg lamp. (Even though the leg lamp does have fishnet stockings.) The frog pally is way cooler.

Thanks Lin!

Lola's Diner


Lin said...

Everyone needs a frog (or a toad) in their yard to be happy, don't they??!

I'm glad that you liked it--tiny as it was. Isabel seems to be affected by the economy too--things got smaller and more expensive there. Ugh. Well, you can call it "art" if anyone says anything! ;)

JD at I Do Things said...


What a sweet little pally! And what a nice way to remember Lin. There's some kind of parable here about the winner of the Dork-Off kissing a toad, but I'm too sleepy to think of it.

I am Harriet said...

All I've ever won was a comment award of entrecard credits....

btw...time to pay the entrecard server bill.....uurrrggghhhh

Herrad said...

Hi Lola,

Came by to say hello hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.


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