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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is there anybody out there?

The blogosphere is like a ghost town this week. Blogs aren't updated as frequently and very few comments. Did I say very few comments?


Oh look a tumbleweed.

Is everyone getting ready for Blogher? Shopping and packing, packing and shopping. Finding the perfect outfit and the perfect shoes. (Is this dyke mocking you? Noooooo, I'd be shopping for something new to wear also, but I won't be needing to buy shoes to match. I'd just need to decide blue or black croc (knock-offs), sneakers, boat shoes or black loafers. Actually, I'm kinda hooked on my croc knock-offs, so I'd probably just have to decide blue or black.)

I live an hour (or less if I put the pedal to the medal and traffic is light), but I can't attend because my finances wouldn't allow for the ticket price. I'm very jealous of all of you who can go.

For those of you going, see my previous post, Guide To Blogher - What To Do In Chicago (FREE) for some tips on FREE tourist attractions and must stops, like the Hershey Store. Oh, and I got the 411 on liquor stores in the area too, just in case you're nervous about packing your adult beverages in between your unmentionables and having them survive the flight intact.

So what is everyone who is not going to Blogher doing?

Are there any Blog Carnivals for us (ahem, losers)? Anything going on? Anything?

Who is still posting?

Where are the commenters? You know I have a contest every month for the top commenter, since the comments have dropped off, you still have a chance if you get commenting now through the end of the month.

By the way, just 2 shopping days until my birthday.

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Marsha said...

It's summer dahling. I think most of us are trying to cram a year's worth 'o stuff into three months of decent weather. I'm guilty of not commenting much lately. I'll work on that.

Oh, and I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance. (Just in case I don't make it back on your actual BD.) Hope you score some good loot. :)

*lynne* said...

Hi Lola,
Oh it's BlogHer time, is it? Hmmm, another year, another BlogHer not attended :D I'm not going either, and I'm probably 15mins away by "L" - also due to finances. And the fact that I probably wouldn't do much except try to sink into the wallpaper if I were to attend! :p

Kitten said...

Lola--I, too, have noticed the lack of updates and comments on my reader. It's actually making me feel rawther lonely over in my little corner of the blogosphere!

I only recently heard about the Blogher conference, but I don't plan to go. Out of the millions of blogs on the Internets, in the grand scheme of things, I'm just a microscopic speck. And I'm not good at schmoozing, either. I'd probably stay in my hotel room all day long.

I am Harriet said...

poor baby

I am Harriet said...

Here is a comment for you :)

I am Harriet said...

Have a great day Lola

I am Harriet said...

Cubs rule!

I am Harriet said...

Dude- you've got a lot of comments

Meghan said...

I was wondering the SAME THING!! I need new blog posts to read! You people need to get busy!

Dang blogger slackers!

Come visit me! I have some funny new posts.

Stephanie B said...

I always comment on posts that interest me and I post blogs every day on both blogs. I gave you a comment three blogs back. I don't comment if I don't have anything to say more clever than, I'm not going to Blogher or congrats on the award.

Just sayin'.

Kelley said...

I've heard about Blogher, but I don't know if I would really want to go or not. Now, if I could just run loose in Chicago for a few days and see all there is to see, I'm there! It's one of my favorite places!

I haven't been getting many comments, either, but I haven't been writing as often as I would like. Some days I feel more like observing than I do participating.

Sandee said...

I do far less blogging in the summer. I'm always at the boat. Okay, I'm mostly at the boat.

I'm not going to Blog-her either. Way too far for me. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Herrad said...

Hi Lola,

I have also noticed it is quieter than it has been.

Guessed it was the holiday caravan had headed out of town.

They will all be back soon.
Have a good afternoon/evening.


Stephany said...

My oldest daughter flew in to visit, i havent written about the great day my youngest dressed up in new clothes to see her sister for the first time in years, and pet a horse and talked. :) and the heatwave is killing me. I dont do 90 degrees+ w/out whining. lol

Buggys said...

See there, all you need do is ask. I have been posting much more frequently as I just got laid off! I have plenty of free time so I expect you will all be sick of hearing from me shortly!

Ken @ Dad To Two said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

I think it's maybe a cross between blogher '09 and the fact that it's summer. I mean, I don't know why being on vacation is an excuse for not posting, but that's just me. ;)

As for carnivals, I know of the BlogNerd Bash and the Blog Hop '09.

Angela said...

Hey, Harriet is cheating!!

Amanda said...

I want to go too! So badly!! It would be THE perfect way for us to celebrate are awesome 7/24 b/day.

Big thank you to Angela for spreading the word about BlogNerd... I hope you join in ~ it's going to be fun! I'm attending Bloghop 09 as well and on Twitter there's #pityparty

So, we'll create our own fun!!!! And we'll party virtually on Friday for our b/day ;)

BTW ~ you just became my 300th follower on Twitter!!!!

Rebecca@Freaky Frugalite said...

I'm a late July baby, too. :)

I have seen little action on the blog front, too. I figured it was BlogHer, darn it. Blast that convention, that great vacuum machine of women bloggers! You'd think there was nothing else to do!!

At least we can look at tumbleweeds. Thank you for that.

Lin said...

Harriet is a big cheater, Lola. I would disqualify her immediately!

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