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Monday, August 31, 2009

August top commenter winners!

Wow! Auntie E left everyone in the dust this month. Surprisingly Lin passed Harriet (*cough* comment whore) by just 1 comment, even though Harriet was up to her old tricks. (Sorry Harriet, no recounts. This isn't Florida...or Minnesota.)

Here are the results:
1st Place - Auntie E @ At Home With Auntie E 1000 Entrecard Credits.
2nd Place - Lin @ Duck and Wheel With String 750 Entrecard Credits.
3rd Place - Harriet @ I Am Harriet 500 Entrecard Credits.
Congratulations to the winners! Entrecard Credits will be in your accounts shortly.

Just a reminder to everyone that my Top Commenter Contest will be running in September, so now is your chance to stake out your spot at the counter or grab a booth.

Also, don't forget about I Am Harriet's September Comment Challenge. Can you make make 500 comments in September? How about 1,000? (that was really hard in July.) Or even 1,500? How about it, are you up to the challenge? I'm in!

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Lin said...

Wow! That was one surprising result!! And look who's commenting now??! Where is everyone?? Sleeping???

Thanks for the credits, pally.

Auntie E said...

Oh wow I really got first placed:-)
Now with the new Policy they mean even more. Congrats to all the winners. Yes Lin I was sleeping until 6Am(so I slept In). Then I needed to Write a post and get it on the blog. But I made it here now.,lol.
have a great day you all.

Jennok said...

Great Share Thank's!

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