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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Our daughter had a Girl's Golf match yesterday and they won 190 to 201. Our daughter scored a 55. Way to go! Still better than last year's consistent 57 and very awesome!

I've been counting the days until my monthly money comes so I can get my brakes fixed for my car. I've been looking forward to Wednesday like you wouldn't believe. I feel like a trapped rat. I had been driving Anastasia's car while she was hospitalized and at home recovering, but she was back to a partial schedule last week, so no car for me. She was absolutely hating having me drive her around (says I drive like a granny - hey, who get's the speeding tickets? Nuf said!) Monday on the way home from her nursing home gig she calls me in a panic, the Monte Carlo is blowing up. Ok, not blowing up, but overheating, smoke everywhere, etc. I told her to pull over and turn it off and let it cool and I'd drive out and check the radiator and the oil and follow her (cause I'm all DIY dykey like that). Noooo, she's got to get to her Mom's house without stopping. I don't even want to think about what's wrong with her car, or what kind of damage she could have done by continuing to drive it. No, stop! I'm not thinking about it. (Diagnosis: Water pump, thermostat, serpentine belt, coolant, oil change - $500. Yow!)

So if you live in Illinois, did you run out and stock up on Beer, Wine, Spirits, Candy and toothpaste? Umm, yeah, no, I ran out of cash last week. If you did, did you snag some JD, Tequila, Gin and Bud Light Lime for me? Sigh. Damn! I could really go for an O'Henry now.

Can someone tell me why the "l" and "." keys on my new laptop are sticking?

Do you have any idea how quiet it was on Monday? It was pure bliss! The kids are back to school, partner is back on her regular schedule and I do believe the planet is back in alignment.

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A.Marie said...

Good Morning! Glad that everything is going good so far... *keep your fingers crossed* :)

I already have a bunch of toothpaste stocked up, but I should have snagged some more! As for the candy....drats...That is definitely one items that I SHOULD have been stockpiling...oh, the Joys of living in Illinois!

**As for the alcohol...I always threaten my family that they are going to "drive me to drink!** :)

Megryansmom said...

Happy Tuesday. I bought 6 bottles of wine over the weekend the rate I'm going it may be gone by Sat. Hiccup

Lin said...

Joe ran over to Kenwood Liquors last night and said it was PACKED! On his behalf, we are having a party in a week, so we needed all the booze. It's crazy living here, isn't it??

Auntie E said...

Oh I love that school is in...sorry about your wheels... maybe the key has dirt around it. try a hand vac and be sure to turn off the computer..We wouldn't want the computer to voice it's opinion,lol.

StaceyC4 said...

Hey! Sorry about the car! That definitely sucks. I can remember being on the carpool line one afternoon waiting to pick up my son and I shut the car off and things just started falling out of the engine!! Seriously! So I called my husband and was like "Things are falling out of the engine!" and he's like, "Well, pull over!" I had to explain to him that the car was off and that at this point, when things fall out of your engine, chances are it won't start again even to pull it off the road! And he's the "car" one in the family!!

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