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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts Part 2

I had so many Random Thoughts these spilled over to Wednesday:

Our gas range is acting funky. The oven pilot isn't staying lit. I love to cook! There is no way I can confine my cooking to my outdoor grill. In the words of our daughter...this suuuuuuuucks!

When are these unexpected expenses going to stop? Ok, stop for awhile so we can catch our breathe? I don't want to be forced into canceling our trip to Milwaukee for my high school reunion. Is this some kind of conspiracy? It's bad enough that each day I am waffling on whether we should go or not. (There's a post brewing on that one.)

To my sister who had the nerve to email me to complain about her husband's $4,500 ER visit...bite me! Anastasia doesn't have insurance either and had 2 ER visits and 2 hospitals stays of 4 days each. That's 8 days total. Also, you don't get to complain when the reason for his ER visits were totally avoidable bullshit. Caffeine overdose from drinking 3 or more Monster drinks plus numerous cups of coffee and several colas per day. Duh! (Caffeine Content: Diet Coke 3.75 mg per ounce, Monster 10 mg per ounce, Drip coffee 18.12 mg per ounce.) So lets be conservative and say you had 3 Monster drinks at 16 ounces each, 3 cups of coffee at 8 ounces each and 4 Diet Cokes at 20 ounces each (= 1214.88 mg caffeine. Recommended daily allowance of caffeine is 400 mg per day for men, 300 mg per day for women.) I'm sure I'm erring on the low side, since it was hot and he was using these beverages assuming they were hydrating, which in fact they are the opposite due to the caffeine levels, he likely consumed even more than that.

Can someone tell my why a new Oster 2 slice toaster that was purchased less than 4 months ago, that wasn't hardly used has already bit the dust? I sent an email of complaint to Oster...nice customer service, they never replied. That toaster took a dive in the kitchen trash after waiting 3 weeks for a reply and has since been replaced with a Proctor Silex.

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Buggys said...

I hear you! I have been in my house for 10 years now and I'm just waiting for that moment when BAM! everything begins to die. You know it's coming any day and we're too broke to be proactive so...all of these things begin to happen just a couple of months prior to Christmas generally. Sorry I mentioned it but Christmas is starting to flit through my mind.

Stacie said...

I hear you. When it rains it pours. Earls truck transmission just went out 500 dollars later...sigh.. I guess I won't be buying an ostermann product if they don't have good customer service. YIKES I didn't know you could overdose on caffiene. that's actually scary

Lin said...

Ugh. It isn't getting any better over there yet, is it??! What's the deal with the appliances?? I swear they whisper to each other to all go out together.

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

Wow. I didn't even know you could overdose on caffeine. I would think that they would have laughed him out of the ER. I guess it would make your heart race, but you would think the minute your heart started beating funny, you would cut back on the drinks.

On a side note, I gave you an award on my blog. You can pick it up here: Congrats.

Lola said...

@ Buggys - Don't even say the "C" word around me.

@ Stacie - Yeah, if there is some obscure thing he can do to get out of working, he'll find it.

@ Lin - I'm instituting a 'No Whispering' rule in my house.

@ Staci at Just Boggled - Actually the symptoms are racing heart rate, anxiety and, bonus! Hallucinations! Yes, I looked it up.

Suzy said...

Long ago when I was living in NYC and constantly broke, waitressing, doing standup at night for NO money etc. Then I booked a $400 gig and I was so excited until that week I went to my acct and between his fee and what I owed, bye bye $400.

I called my dad and complained about how unfair that was and he said, "You'll notice that will happen your whole life. He said I should look at it as being lucky."

Auntie E said...

toaster..boy I have been through a few. I repaired some of them. But the best toasters I have ever had are Hamilton Beach. I just replaced a Cuisinart toaster my parents bought for us. It only worked right one month. I tried to fix it and Mom would say why does the toast burn. I told her it's a piece of crap, never worked right.So now I am a Hamilton Beach die hard customer! My Hamilton Beach is great.. perfect toast every time:-)

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