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Monday, September 14, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I've been in a real slump lately as far as cooking goes. I haven't wanted to cook at all and have pretty much avoided cooking, because I haven't been feeling well. I've enlisted our kids to cook dinner most nights, which they love.

I thought I'd ask everyone what their dinner menu looks like for a week and then maybe all of us will get some new ideas. So what's your weekly menu look like? Do you have any go-to meals when you're in a hurry? Do you have any money saving, frugal recipes that use less expensive ingredients? Do you have any specialties that you make on a regular basis and if you do, can you share the recipe?

I think perhaps I was misunderstood. I don't meal plan for a week either. That's way too daunting a task.

Think back to last week or the week before, what did you have? What are some 'regulars' in your dinner repertoire?

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StaceyC4 said...

I am one of those people who doesn't make a weekly menu. I food shop and then just cook what I'm in the mood for. Of course, I grew up in the food business so I am very comfortable doing this. A favorite for us is Rice Crispy Chicken. You take skinless chicken parts (with the bone in), coat in olive oil and then cover in crushed Rice Crispies and bake at 375. It's a nice alternative to oven fried chicken.

Pippa said...

I have a list of meals that all the family like and a second list of meals that I would like them to like as they cost 50p ($1) to feed the four of us.

I generally feed us a four times a week from the family list and three times a week from the other list.

My two go to meals are Pasta and chicken in tomato sauce and toad in the hole!

JD at I Do Things said...

I doubt I'll be of much help, as I tend to make a supper for my husband (usually something not very healthy) and then nibble on something myself. Tonight I'm having a Lean Cuisine pasta dinner with a giant spinach salad. Rotisserie chicken is often a life-saver; I can get several meals out of one of those, and they're easy. When in doubt: omelet.

I'll look forward to some of the other comments. I'm sure I'll get some good ideas.

Patricia Rockwell said...

What dinner menu for a week? I don't plan a menu for a day. I try hard to avoid thinking about dinner, hoping my husband will be inspired to cook something that I can eat too. If I have to cook something myself, I will make a sandwich or a salad or something quick from a box.

Stephany said...

well, when my kids were all home it was a lot of crockpot stuff, spaghetti, etc.

recently, i began using the crockpot again and i am currently waiting for my stew to finish to take a photo for my blog post.

cooking for diversion in times of stress, lately.(hospitals do that)

slow cooker spaghetti sauce and stew from one big pack of stew meat. both make lots of each recipe.

Auntie E said...

1.Monday we had chinese
2.Tuesday- Pork chops marinaded in Jack Daniels mesquite.Bake potatoes.
3.tonight we will have Pork choppes two day marinaded in the Jack Daniels and cheese potatoes with Brussels.
4. Thursday we will have- Western turkey cutlets. mashed potatoes and corn.
5.Friday we will have,Raisin Challah,Sweet potato Tsimmes Pudding, Buffalo Brisket, Apples with honey.
6.Saturday- we go to my Niece she is cooking. I'll take Honey Muffins.
7.Sunday- we will eat at the summer's end festival. Or the German Fest,which ever one we attend.

SLColman said...

So far this week we have had...
Beef stew in the crock pot
Red Lentil Soup
Bourbon Chicken with Forbidden Rice
Pan seared round steak with Oven Fries and Hatch Chili Ketchup
All homemade too!

Auntie E said...

I will usually cook what ever I have in the frig or cupboards. I do have some recipes at
one of the favorites is; Auntie E's Western Cutlets. you can find it under main dishes and turkey(on the side bar Recipe Index.).

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