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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey! Ask Me A Question! - REPLIES Vol. 2

I thought I'd start out the answers with an answer to Jen @ Redhead Ranting's question on my Waffling post. What's the 'snake belt' story?
When I was in grade school the boys in the 'hood, would terrorize me by doing their snake belt routine. They would take the belts off their pants and then wriggle/snap them at me in what they thought looked like a snake. I screamed and ran from them every time. They didn't take into account that 'the belt' was one of the corporal punishments my parents doled out when we didn't follow the rules. It was more the threat of 'the belt' than anything else. At the time I thought that all parents used it and it didn't occur to me that the generation gap between my much older parents and their much younger parents probably meant that their parents didn't use 'the belt'. Every time they tell the 'snake belt' story, they just about wet themselves laughing so hard they can barely tell the story. I bet I hear the 'snake belt' story at least twice at the 30 year reunion.

A. Marie @ My Money Mission Online asks, Ellen has been picked to be the 4th judge on American Idol. Now, I totally LOVE Ellen, and think she is the funniest person on TV. She is also smart, talented and can carry a conversation like the pro she is. But, how do you think she is going to be as a judge? I could see her taking over Ryan's job, but Paula's? First of all, I have to say way to go girl! Ellen went from a sitcom, to her own talk show, to being a spokesperson for Covergirl Makeup and now a judge on American Idol. Who would have thought way back when that an 'out' lesbian could be so successful and in the public eye as much as Ellen DeGeneres? Kudos to her! I have watched Idol only a handful of times, not a fan, maybe when Ellen is on I'll start to watch more. On Ellen's show Thursday she talked about how she doesn't have any singing/musical background and that she was going to be the judge who was the 'voice of the people'. If you look at it that way, maybe she can pull it off. Heaven knows Ellen's comedic talent is way better than Paula Abdul's weird behavior.

StaceyC4 @ All Stace, All The Time asks, With all that has been going on with Michael Jackson's death, why in the world would a family (even strange one's like the Jackson's) decide to leave Michael on ice for TWO months before burying him? What was the point in that? AND along those lines, the family blasted the media for being there and ruining the funeral, well, why hold it OUTSIDE? What could these people possibly be thinking other than greed? I think that part of the wait time was waiting for the body to be returned from the morgue. I'm sure there was also much discussion amongst the family on where to bury him, remember there was speculation about a burial at the Neverland Ranch. I'm sure the 'where' had to be sorted out, as well as how to pay for it. The Jackson family is entitled to lay their family member to rest in any way they choose, but I think with a little better planning they could have made it more private. But then again, part of me thinks the Jacksons are all media whores and they enjoy the media's attention. In the end it's probably greed that killed Michael. The greed of the doctor(s) who gave him whatever he asked for, the greed of the family for maintaining the status quo so Michael could do his big London show. The family could have done an intervention, got him help, but that would have put an end to the London show. It's all about greed. I watched LaToya on 20/20 on Friday, I think the whole interview was about what 20/20 paid her and not about truthfully answering Barbara Walter's questions. You could tell by LaToya's body language and the way she worded her replies that she was not being truthful. And let's not even get into how she seemed 'off', and tried to paint a picture of Michael being paranoid. She seemed paranoid herself.

Anonymous/aka Carlos Z/aka Harriet asks, Who is that hot babe in your entrecard widget? Harriet, too bad that doesn't count for my comment contest.

Auntie E @ At Home With Auntie E asks, What kind of coffee do you serve at home? Black or Cream. flavored or plain. I buy Papa Nicholas Kona Blend whole beans and grind it myself. While Anastasia does love it, she also supports a local coffee roaster and enjoys their Breakfast Blend. Since we have a Keurig it's no issue, we can make a cup at a time, whatever we like with their filter basket. Very strong coffee, I take cream, otherwise it's black. I used to take a bit of sugar, but cut that out since being diagnosed diabetic. I can't stand artificial sweetners and won't use them.

Kelley @ Kelley's Casa DeChaos asks, What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant? Do you order it every time you go there? Hmm, we haven't been there in ages, even though it's not that far. I'd have to say the Papa Joe's in Orland Park. It's a great, old world, traditional Italian restaurante. I always order the Veal Marsala. It's fantastic.

Auntie E @ At Home With Auntie E asks, Family wants to know..Do you walk in front or behind the kids at the Mall? I want to know Do you just hide,lol? We hardly ever go to the mall. Our son usually walks at my side and my daughter is usually way ahead of us. Our son knows that I can't walk that fast (bad back pain) and he will lag behind with me. Our daughter is just always off and running and we are constantly calling out to her to stop.

BlueViolet @ A Nut In A Nutshell asks, Your prime time tv hours go from 7-10. I had a love/hate relationship with that. How do you feel? I think there are way too many television programs that are inappropriate for children and teens shown at 7pm and 8pm. I find myself having to hog the remote and quickly switch channels much too often. I'm not a prude, but Jon Cryer's character getting a woody during a lap dance on Two And A Half Men at 8pm is not appropriate television for kids. Nuf said.

Robin @ Cinnamon And Honey asks, If you could go back in time and change one thing that went wrong in your life, what would it be? This is a really hard one. If I said it was to never have married my ex-husband, that would mean I would probably only have my daughter and not my son. Or it could mean I had neither. I couldn't give up my kids.

Stacy (The Cool Random Chick) @ Stacy's Random Thoughts asks, What's your favorite time of year, and why? I like cooler weather. Fall or Spring. I think I like Fall better because of the changing colors of the leaves. I like it cool enough so you need a light jacket, or almost. I wish it was like that year round.

Cardiogirl @ Cardiogirl asks, How do you install your roll of toilet paper -- is the open end on top of the roll or underneath it? The proper way to install it is underneath. Do you floss regularly? Not as often as I should. And do you listen to talk radio? If so what sort of topics (politics, religion, the morning drive, etc.)? Not lately. I usually listen in the car and since I my car was out of commission for almost a month, my car trips were limited to when Anastasia would let me take her car. I usually listen to WGN and the time varies. I did a post awhile back, I Listen To Talk Radio Too Much. I think I may be unconsciously boycotting since the Kathy and Judy show was axed.

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blueviolet said...

They really should shift those prime time hours back for the reasons you mentioned!

Auntie E said...

Great answers. On the sweetener thing for coffee. I have been trying to get off the saccharine(sweet-n-low). I found this new one that I have grown to love. it is good and suitable for diabetics."Sun Crystals", it is all natural no additives. And does not bother my IBS. I stuck with it for a month and now I have gotten accustom to it. Takes a while to change a habit.

Lin said...

These are fun questions and a good post, Lola. I couldn't think of anything to ask because I think I asked them all when we met for coffee!

I am Harriet said...


JD at I Do Things said...

I think Ellen will make a great AI judge. I like the idea of her being "the voice of the people." Not every judge necessarily has to have a musical background. Look at Randy Jackson. HE has a musical background, and he sucks. Go, Ellen!

Jen said...

Who needs Google when we can just ask you? Great questions and answers. As for the Jacksons...they're just weird.

Ellen will make a great judge. I think it is stretching it to say that Paula has any knowledge of music and her weird behavior is distracting. I haven't watched for years but am looking forward to watching now that Ellen is on.

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