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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

File this under...don't ever piss off Anastasia...

I should preface this by saying that Anastasia works nights. Well, it's not really 'work', technically, it's not a job. She cares for her disabled brother while her sister works until 2am several nights a week. This means that Anastasia doesn't get home until after 2am and that she sleeps during the day. We've had issues with Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head playing music or drumming until as late as past midnight. He also does this during the daytime, just blasting the music. It's so loud that we can hear it very clearly even with our doors and windows closed.

At 2pm today Anastasia comes storming down the stairs. I'm thinking 'yikes', WTH? I asked her what was wrong and she was so angry I was only able to discern a few words, but the gist of it was that Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head was blasting music again. I couldn't hear it because I had the television on, probably drowning it out. (Yes the doors and windows were closed and she could still hear the music.)

Next thing I know Anastasia is grabbing her keys and going out to her car. She rummages around for a bit and next thing you know Classical music is blasting from her car. This goes on for a few minutes, then the screaming. I was going to videotape it, and post it, but there was a whole lotta swearing. (I was also a bit scared of getting caught video tapping, what with it being daylight.) Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head turned off his music and took his dog and walked and sat on his driveway, 1/2 way between his house and the street. (Like that goofy mutt is going to protect him? Please!) He kept telling her to come over and talk to him about it and she kept telling him to come over here and step on our property so she could call the cops and have them shoot him. Then she's yelling that she works nights and doesn't he have any consideration for ANY of the other neighbors? Then she started yelling that it wasn't the 80's anymore and he's not a teenager and to turn the bleepyty bleep music down. I thought for she we were going to have an old fashioned donnybrook right on our front lawn! (donnybrook, I love that word! My Dad used to use it all the time when our neighbor got drunk and wanted to fight him.)

It was priceless stuff. I'm telling you!

At least for now...we have quiet. No wait, I spoke too soon, I just heard drums and now Anastasia is calling the Sheriff. Scratch that, they kept transferring her and when you're that angry because some jackass has kept you from sleeping you tend to have no patience.

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I am Harriet said...

Goody- Metallicaboy update!!!!

Of course AC/DC would have done the trick with an 'in your face'.

I am Harriet said...

I'm stopping by to thank you for taking part in the comment challenge this month.

StaceyC4 said...

That would have made for some classic video!

Lin said...

Were you laughing or hiding? OMG! I can't believe the stuff she was saying!!! It's kinda funny, but don't tell her I said so--I'm afraid she'll get me!

Helene said...

My son wasn't handling something well and went off on a rampage last night. We all scattered. Can I rent Anastasia to take care of it next time??

Auntie E said...

ROFL...oh what a video that would have made. Love this updates on Drummer-boy.
sound like more to come....Cops, Guns, Yelling, Music wars, Better than the wild west,lol

Auntie E said...

Boy I need new Glasses! I can never get the
Word Verification on the first try:-)
here i go again, it looks bigger this time. Must of heard my @#!

Lola said...

@ Harriet - No, he's blasted AC/DC, loves it. We have to find something that he would hate, that would annoy him.

@ Harriet - No prob.

@ StaceyC4 - You know it!

@ Lin - Both. That's primarily why I had to hide, so she couldn't see my laughing. Lol! You don't mess with a girl's sleep schedule. You just don't!

@ Helene - I'm sure she could give it a go. What's the pay?

@ Auntie E - The thing is, the cops never come when we call to complain about him. This has gone on for 5 years, they have not shown up once when we have called.

A.Marie said...

Woo-Hoo!! Where was Anastasia (I just love her name!) when I needed her to deal with the Pink Singer Wanna-be a few years ago! Seriously, my kids and I know all the words to that song thanks to our crazy ex-neighbor girl.

Honestly....If I hear, "I'm coming up so you better get this party started," again, I'll start screaming...Oooh...Now it is in my head:

Get this this party started on a Saturday night
Everbody's waiting for me to arrive
Sending out the message to all of my friends
We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz
I got lots of style check my gold diamond rings
I can go for miles if you know what I mean

I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up I'm comin
I'm coming up so you better get this party started

AAAAHHHHH!! I can totally relate!

Lola said...

@ A. Marie - The thing is, the music he's playing, it's not unenjoyable, it's music from the 70's and 80's. It's just that when you're trying to sleep, or watch a tv show or whatever, you don't want his music infringing on that. Now when he plays the drums, that's another story. He's awful! He plays the same drum riff over and over and over until we can't stand it anymore.

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