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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Like Survivor Around Here...

Ok, kinda. Let me explain. Yesterday's post should have been about the power outage Tuesday night, but a Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head update trumps just about anything. Am I right? So 10:45pm Tuesday night I've got the laptop on dropping EC and I'm watching Letterman. Then it all goes black. And I just sit there for a minute and think...think...think...ok, there is supposed to be a flashlight in the kitchen drawer, but it's probably not there, but even if it is there, how do I get to it? It's pitch dark in my living room. Eureka! My cell phone! So I open it and navigate to that kitchen drawer. Grrrr! I'm right, no flashlight. Then I navigate back to the living room, Anastasia brought a flashlight in over the weekend, maybe it's by her chair. (Yes, she has a chair...just like Archie Bunker had a chair.) Nope, no flashlight. Ok, now to find the candles. Ok, got em. Now what? Nothing to light them with. Then I think, my car! Anastasia has to have left a lighter in my car! So I navigate to the car by the light of my cell phone and...Eureka! A lighter. I go back and light the candles, make a 911 call to Anastasia to let her know the power is out and that she may need to borrow a flashlight from her Mom and come start the generator if it starts to rain. Thankfully no rain. Then I look for a ComEd bill so I can report the outage. So then I sit, now WTH do I do? Read a magazine by candle light. Umm, no, not enough light. Sudoko? I guess. But now I have to go in search of a pencil...

So yesterday after Anastasia left I had to go to the store and pick up prescriptions. I did a quick run to Jewel and then back home to check on the house. (Anastasia is worried that Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head is going to do something.) Nothing's changed. Gates still closed. But I see our next door neighbor Sue out mowing the lawn. I'm thinking maybe I should stop and talk to her about the Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head situation. This is the only neighbor we know, besides Mr. Friendly and Mr. Friendly clearly already has formed an alliance with Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head, being that he hired him to mow his lawn when he was to sick to do it himself. And we're constantly seeing Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head over at Mr. Friendly's house when Mr. Friendly is tinkering with stuff in his garage.


Not really sure where Sue and her husband's alliances are.

How do you try to talk to other neighbors about a problem neighbor when you don't know who has an alliance with who? Who is friends with who?

Like I said, it's like Survivor around here.

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Jen said...

Don't know anything about neighborhood alliances, I bake cookies for all mine, but I do know there is never a flashlight when you need one. I have been navigating by cell phone for years and it's nice to know I'm not the only one. It's nice to have a use for the damn phone since no one actually calls me on it.

StaceyC4 said...

You know, for as social as I am, I am just NOT with my neighbors! We live in a very transient area near a baptist seminary so people are coming and going a lot and so I've sort of stopped getting to know people. That's probably not a good thing!

Helene said...

Am I the only one who only recently learned about using a cell as a flashlight?

I live on a block of houses across from a block of 3-flats. Now its quieter with only a few drug dealers and domestic violence.

A.Marie said...

I had to laugh at the cell phone "flashlight." I thought I was brillant when I discovered that. I don't envy you when it comes to your neighbor situation. We had that in the old neighborhood where I used to live. I just always made sure I took baked goods over to the neighbors across the street (the "problem" neighbors) and I never had any trouble with them. The bribery must have worked!

Lola said...

@ Jen - I don't think we could make baked goods for Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head. The temptation to spike them would be too great.

@ StaceyC4 - We've had the same neighbors, except for 1, since we moved here. People just don't seem friendly around here and Anastasia is the most friendly, outgoing person you could meet, so for her not to make friends with these people, you know they're just not 'normal'. Lol!

@ Helene - You're not the only one.

@ A. Marie - Like I said to Jen, I don't think we could do the baked goods thing. Besides, he's just too freakin scary. He looks like the unibomber.

MA Fat Woman said...

I've used my cellphone as a flashlight too.

I am Harriet said...

Bribe em :)
Have a party :)
Spread a nasty rumor about the boy- like he's a Cardinals fan or something.

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