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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A time I had to take the high road...

I think almost every day I have to take the high road.  When you have children with Mental Illness, it can affect your ability to be at work every day...especially when they are in crisis.  I have to approach these times with caution and professionalism and NOT fall apart at work from the frustration and stress of it all.

At the beginning of this year my daughter had back to back crises squared.  Then my son became ill for the first time.  Hospitalizations are not easy.  They usually involve pulling all nighters in an emergency room and then transfer to a different hospital.  Getting home the following day at 8am when you start work at 8:30am, I just can't make it in.  My high road is not overloading my boss with details, being professional and going over with her anything that must be delegated to someone in my absence and making sure I am extra diligent and hard working when I return to work.  And again...not falling apart or getting emotional when I am faced with opposition about those absences.


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