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Saturday, November 10, 2012

People posting on Facebook about their health or their family's health...

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine.  I don't need to hear all the minutiae about people's health.  Right now on my Facebook there is a Facebook Friend who is posting about her pregnancy...blow by blow.  Every doctor visit, every emergency room run, every midwife visit.  EVERYTHING!  I don't think I need to know about her issues with IV's.  That's not on my need to know list.  I also don't need to know about all of the emergency room visits for her children's allergic reactions.  Again..not on my need to know list.

I rarely post on Facebook about my children's health.  The few times I have were when I was at my wits end and needed help from a higher power.  I posted asking for prayers for my children when they were hospitalized and not doing well and being frustrated with the doctors' inability to figure it out.  They were single posts, with an update when they came home.  No gory details, just bare bones posts asking for prayers. Those prayers worked miracles and I have no regrets


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Lin said...

It's amazing what people think others might want to read. I've noticed a lot of FB friends have taken up running and they post every. single. run, jog, etc. and what they eat. It's annoying.

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