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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are You Ready For Mother's Day? What Are Your Plans?

Don't you love the image I borrowed from Photobucket? Clearly, Mom is on the right, holding the hand of her little munchkin. And what is she doing with her other hand? Hmmm, is she holding up a cell phone to her ear? What do you think?

I booked a tee time at our local golf course for Sunday, for the 4 of us. Golf is free for women at this particular course on Mother's Day. The kids have really been jonesing to play a round of golf with Anastasia. Not so much with me, because they are determined I won't make it 9 holes because of my back problems. They are probably right. It's not like they've never played a round of golf before, they have had lessons and last year I signed them up to play golf all day on Tuesdays for the summer. The course teams them up with another couple of teens to make a foursome. Amazingly enough, they never killed each other.

In preparation for the Mother's Day golf tournament (and it is a tournament, because it's going to get very competitive between the 2 kids and Anastasia), our son watched this:

So what are your Mother's Day plans?

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Sandee said...

We'll be at our island working. Getting it ready for Memorial Day weekend. Nothing special. I hope you make it through all nine. Have fun and Happy Mothers Day. :)

earthtoholly said...

I'll be traveling to KY to see family. Nothing special planned for Mom's Day, yet. You have a good Mother's Day, though!

Lin said...

Ahhhh, Caddyshack!! LOVE it!! Good clip, too. We can recite nearly every line from that movie--you too??

Enjoy your day on the links.

Angelika said...

No, I'm not ready.

What do you get the mother who has everything? *sigh*

I hope I remember, LOL.

Shauni said...

sounds like you are going to have a blast.. enjoy your time and know that you earned it..

Heather T said...

I never would have seen that in the silhouette. That's hilarious. "Just a minute, sweetie, mommy will read your mother's card in just a second."

I'm unsure what the plans are. I think there's some discussion about someone making pancakes in the house other than me. And then I think I'm going to lay in bed when my daughter cuts out to attend a performance of the school play.

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm not a mom, but my mom is, and she demands her props. A nice dinner out, and ALWAYS on the weekend we would celebrate our wedding anniversary (19 years!). Oh, well. I love her. She deserves a nice steak at least once a year.

Have fun playing golf and don't hit any gophers!

john said...

we try not to make a big issue for mothers day. first, were two dads, second, 'mom' isnt a positive word in my kids heart. I'm already getting the regression due to mothers day...I HATE MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!

now that i got off my chest, i think ill blog about

oh no, that reminds me, i got to order flowers for my mom and my MIL.

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