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Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Is Everyone`?

That isn't a smudge on your monitor after the last "e" in "Everyone". That's an accent. I thought I'd go all McCafe` on you. You know, those dumb commercials that say that you enjoy things more if you have an "`" on the end of things, like the McCafe`. So...I thought you might enjoy my blog post today more, with a "`" on the end. How am I doing so far?

For everyone who was jealous about my weekend purchases, don't worry, according to Anastasia I've been smote. (Actually she said smited, but there is no such word, past tense of smite is smote, who knew?) This morning my son went down to get something out of the dryer and found the basement floor wet and the sump pump overflowing and not running. Good times! I wake Anastasia up at 6:30am. Normally, normally...she gets up for work at 3pm. Yikes! Fortunately Anastasia is a cracker jack sump pump installer and the unit had a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately Lowe's no longer carries that brand/model. The refund desk cashier wanted to credit the purchase back to my now expired credit card from two and a half years ago. I don't think so. Three manager calls later she tells me she can only put the refund on that expired card and then the credit card company will send me a check. Ummm, no, my basement is flooded now, I need my money now so I can go buy a new unit elsewhere. Finally she calls the store manager who figured out how to do it. Trip to Ace Hardware for a larger and more expensive unit because it was the only unit with a lifetime warranty they had. Oh well, it was way cheaper than not having the warranty. Anyway, got home and Anastasia installed it in less than the time it took to get my refund! Yup, cracker jack sump pump installer!

So what's going on in the blogosphere? Everything is so quiet. Not that many people are putting up new post and not many commenting, even at other blogs. Did everyone else get a life but me???

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Lin said...

Oh, thank goodness it is slow. I thought it was just me not getting visitors. I'm fried from dropping--the weather is just so nice and work keeping me busy. I don't want to drop tonight either!! Happy New Sump Pump!!

Jen said...

I thought it was slow. There must be something really good on TV. Sorry about the pump, I had to replace mine last year. Everytime it goes off now I get all happy since my basement has not flooded at all this year, except when the boy flushed a bunch of Q-tips down but that isn't the same.

I am Harriet said...

Nah...we're just kind over the entrerage and dealt with the flu crud last week. We''re just waiting for the next big hoopla.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Hey, Lola,
I don't have a life either. Although, my husband did go to Loewe's the other day to buy lumber. Does that count?

Auntie E said...

It must be, end of school year Stuff, Outside Stuff, Or that Swine flu(it killed everyone off....we are the only ones left.......every things reruns on TV....) I am still here and still posting on all my blogs with 1 or 2 comments received. I need to get a life but I like this one for now:-)

cardiogirl said...

Funny you used the phrase smote/smited. Just the other day I was thinking of the phrase forsake and I wondered what the past tense was. Forsook? Forsaked?

And then it hit me, perhaps it is I have been forsaken, or he has forsaken me.

And I was all pleased with myself.

I know, this really has nothing to do with your post. I just like the idea of someone else using terms from the New Testament.

Plus I'm helping you get to 1000 comments :)

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