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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Doing The Happy Dance!

Friday I bugged out early to go check out laptops. Uncle Sam being very, very nice to me and sent my refund quite early. I did my research online and my intent was to go to Best Buy and check a few out in person, but I got sidetracked on the way. Several John Deere delivery trucks were mocking me on my route. (You remember my previous post,Lola's Diner - This And That.)

I drove past 3 as I took Route 30 to Route 45, so it couldn't have been the same truck. THREE! Ok, read more about it at Lola's Victory Garden - Something Red And Shiny!, but be sure to come back to finish reading here.

I got home and Anastasia asked what I bought. Ahh, errr, nothing. What do you mean nothing, I though you were getting your laptop? Not yet.

After sealing the deal on our purchase I dropped Anastasia and our son off at home and my daughter and I went in search of a graduation (8th grade) present for him and my laptop. We snagged the last of the item (can't say what it is, cause he's a snooper) that Kmart had in stock.

I know I had mentioned wanting an Mac, but they are just too expensive. Having to deal with the reality of my budget, there was no way I could afford one. We went to Best Buy (one of 2 trips to there on Saturday.) The first trip, I purchased my laptop - HP 16 inch screen, 2.0ghz, 3gb ram, 320gb hard drive and a 500gb portable hard drive for backups. Went home, got the wireless working, tried to install the ATT disc and the dvd drive made this horrible, awful grinding noise and wouldn't access the disk. Called Best Buy, they said bring it back, they'd give me a different one. Back to Best Buy. The Geek Squad dude had to check the drive (why would I lie?) and it didn't make that noise when he inserted a disk. Then he tried a different one, nothing. Then, finally he tried a different one and it made the noise. Quick exchange, come home, have dinner and start again. This time I didn't pay the bogus $60 to have them "optimize" the laptop and make the recovery disks. I thought, I'm not stupid, I can make those disks, I've done it before! I made the first disk, no problem. Tried to make the second one and I got an error message and it said to insert a new disk. I did this 5 times! I trashed 5 cd's! Then I called HP. Yes, it was almost midnight and I called anyway! I spent about a half hour on the phone. After telling them about the first laptop I brought home with the bad dvd drive and the problem trying to burn my own recovery disks, they ordered me recovery disks at no charge. Pretty cool. Time consuming, but cool. So I've been noodling around, downloaded Firefox and Entrebar, had to search from printer drivers because the disc from the newest printer we have just disappeared. Poof! Monday I'll probably start transferring my stuff from Anastasia's laptop. She can't wait!

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Sandee said...

Good for you. I'm sure you will be happy with your new laptop and it's within your budget too. Doesn't get any better than that.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jo said...

There is nothing better than a piece of new techi gear! I did the happy dance too when I got my Dell Studio Laptop for my photography (17 in screen), I am in heaven! Had trouble with my cd/dvd drive too! Have fun with your new toy!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with a new laptop. Be glad you didn't buy a dell cause their customer service is downright horrible. (But I like their computers.) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lola said...

@ Sandee - It's so nice not having to share.

@ Jo - It is total heaven, except that when I tried to fit it into the laptop section of my Ipod Messenger bag it would not fit. Finding a laptop bag for a 16" laptop in the stores for under $50 was practically impossible, but I found one on sale at Targhay.

@ Meandtheblueskies - Thank you. I've had Dell desktops before and have been pleased, but the laptop that just died was a Dell. Glad I stumbled across you at JD's I Do Things, I didn't know you had moved.

Ranran said...

I'm depressed. Boo-hoo.. You're lucky you have your laptop now. I wouldn't be getting mine soon.

Happy week!

Da Old Man said...

Congrats on the new laptop. Good luck with it.

I am Harriet said...

Have fun!

Shauni said...

Oh I so have laptop envy.. that is the one I want. Enjoy all the while knowing that with every keystroke you type I am in want..

of course I was certain you were going to say that you skipped the laptop and bought a new lawn mower.. I was ready...

Have fun and blog happy

Anne said...

I hope you enjoy the laptop! Have a great time with it. There is something energizing about a new computer.

Isolated Existence. said...

Feels so good when you get a new gadget doesn't it! My pc died last year and I have been using my daughter's ever since. She hates it but there is nothing I can do for now, lol. Enjoy your new laptop ;-)

Auntie E said...

Oh I so want a new Netbook (pink)!! Glad to read your is finally up. It is sometimes tiresome to get all the programs loaded. My Main house/work CPU decided to loose the network interface. So Hubby is suppose to build me a new one. thankfully I have two more. so, I can still stay up on my blogging.(hoping I'll get that pink netbook for Moms day:-)

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