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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok, so this morning I had a doctor's appointment at a new doctor. This was a hastily picked doctor and appointment because my I need forms filled out. Beggars can't be choosers, right? I could get in quickly with this doctor, so she was it.

I arrived promptly, 25 minutes before my scheduled time so that I could complete any necessary paperwork. I asked if they got the forms that were faxed to them, they said no, so I got on my cell phone and called the place that was to have faxed over forms and asked them to resend them. About 45 minutes later the staff bring me into an exam room and I again ask if they got the fax. The woman said no, they were out of paper. (WTH?) She said they were going to send someone out for paper, did I want to wait to see the doctor? Well, yeah, because what if she has questions about the forms? So I sat and waited in the waiting room for an HOUR, for paper.

I see the woman leave with petty cash to go to Walgreens to get paper. I see her return an hour later with the paper, then I overhear a conversation she had with the doctor.
Doctor: How much was the paper?
Staff member: $4.99.
Doctor: For how much paper?
Staff member: 400 sheets.
Doctor: Not 500?
Staff member: No.
Doctor: Walmart has 500 sheets for $2.99, why didn't you go to Walmart?
I'm thinking: Umm, hello? Remember me? I'm the patient, not very patiently waiting for an hour for paper and you have to chew out your staff because they aren't as cheap as you are?

When I finally got in to see the doctor, Anastasia calls, I can't answer, so I let it ring. I don't answer, so she calls AGAIN. I can't blame her because I SHOULD have already been home by the time she called.

So then the doctor tells me she can't fill out my forms now, she will fill them out and someone will call me after the weekend when they are ready to pick up. Who am I to complain at this point? I need those forms and I don't care whose arse I need to kiss to get them. So I said thank you very much and I'll look forward to that call, have a nice day, in my daughter's Mother's, pleasant as punch, sickening sweet, arse kissingest voice I can muster at this point.

What doctor's office runs out of fax paper and makes a patient wait for an hour, and then chews out staff in earshot of said patient???

Arghhhhh! It's a good thing I don't have a life and I didn't need to be somewhere.

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Sandee said...

Well, if the doctor is worried about what the paper costs I'm hoping she is still in business next week. Good grief...whatever happened to customer service?

Have a terrific rest of the day. :)

I am Harriet said...


Hey- you shoulda listened to me :)

Marie said...

Lola, not to be bossy or anything, but RUN!!! Run, run, run from that doctor. That is not only not a good doctor, that is a dangerous doctor. Don't ever go back there.

You deserve better.

john said...

comparing prices over a dollar. Uh, whats up with that?

maybe thats why you go to see her pretty quick. She has no patients, just paper issues.

Ann said...

That would have driven me up the wall!!! That's just too much.

When you get your bill perhaps you should bargain. Maybe tell them "So and so can do this for less? Why don't you charge me less?"

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Yikes! I'd say run, but I know this is getting to be the norm - these offices are cutting corners every where because less people are running to the doctor due to losing insurance.

One Creative Queen said...

Oh. My. I get so frustrated. It isn't just the doctor you're talking about who acts like that - I have several doctors who act like I'm doing them a favor by seeing them. Since my health catastrophe a few years ago, I see several specialists (really bad) and surgeons (the worst). I want to send them a bill for MY the rate they bill my insurance company for theirs. I mean, why is my time any less valuable than theirs??

If I were you (and weren't planning on making her my regular dr), I'd take a ream of paper in with me when I go to pick up the forms. I'd put a bow on the top and write a little note...nothing totally outrageous, but along the lines of, "This is my gift to your next patient who is relying on a fax or computer printout for their appointment. I hope it helps - and btw, I went to WalMart, as told."

Maybe I'm too cynical? xx

Stephanie B said...


Such poor management is a disgrace and your inconvenience is inexcusable.

Shauni said...

As a customer service person by career it never fails to astound me as to what is considered acceptable customer service..

get your paperwork and run like the dickens.. find a new doctor.. and I also agree... take them some paper..

Anonymous said...




You are SO good! I would have been soooo unnerved you handled it well! :)

Lola said...

I think I'm going to grab some paper before I head out to pick up my completed forms, just in case they need to make a copy before they give them to me, in case they run out of paper again!

Unfortunately, due to rules, I can't switch doctors until next month, so I will probably have to see her at least 1 more time. At least 1 more time beyond picking up my paperwork. She also gives me the creeps, so there is no way I'm staying with her any longer than I have to.

I'm pretty much going to have to suck it up and be pleasant because I don't want to have problems with my paperwork.

Auntie E said...

Me thinks the Doctor should of told her where to go! Like the staff is in her brain,lol. I do not like going to any Doctor. Nowadays we feel like cattle. Only 10 minutes allowed, must get to the next patient, talk fast to get the doc up to date, and the worst....It is your regular doctor, he/she has your med's been on the book you are coming for 3 months... and he/she has no clue of your have to tell your whole life again and in less then 5 minutes if you want to be examined..Ugh.... so I say a new doctor each time is okay, Maybe I will fine a good one someday.And this is a post From a Nurses' view!!!

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