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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Please, I beg of you, don't let our son see this video. He has been campaigning since we moved out to the suburbs to get a dog. I love dogs, but I have three real sticking points keeping us from getting a dog. They are:
1. I had a dog when I first moved to Chicago. He was a Springer/Terrier mix. He was my only friend when I moved to Chicago, I knew no one here. When he got old and sick and I had to say goodbye, it was the hardest thing.
2. I love dogs, but I also love my leather furniture. We do have a cat, Sophie, and we got her declawed when we moved to the burbs because she had destroyed all the furniture at my previous house. (We tried scratching posts, but she liked the furniture better.) I also have not very fond memories of my puppy unzipping the sofa cushions and chewing up and spitting out the foam padding. (And yes, he really did do that, because to get him to stop, I sewed the zipper pulls to the fabric.)
3. I am the one that is home nearly all the time, so I know I will be stuck with caring for a dog, if we get one.
We have told our son that he can earn a dog with good, responsible behavior and that he has to read up about caring for and training dogs. He has yet to make an effort to do any of the required reading.

I think this video does have some wonderful points.

Now, if you showed Anastasia and I The Divinity of Dogs video and followed it up with Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercial, we would be in line right now at Animal Cruelty waiting for them to open.


Don't you dare tell our son!

Lola's Diner


Gena said...

Your secret is safe here.

Auntie E said...

My daughter is constantly asking for animals. Like you we have had a few,12 plus cats, 5 dogs, a bird and fish, all before her coming into our life. Now saying good bye, either by death or other it too hard. And not to mention the household replacements,lol. So Now we have a Bird. My daughter does not take care of it, I do!! It was her idea to get it, She has had a Hamster which had a baby!! a Hermit Crab, which stank to high heavens! and fish. she did not take care of any of, we got rid of them (either by them dying or finding homes) Now she wants that Dog. I love my Yard, My home, my Shoes, My Furniture (antiques and Leather) and most of all having no ticks or fleas in the house. So my answer to her is NOT IN THIS HOUSE!!

john said...

weve gone from frogs, fish, lizard, bugs, rocks, and stuffed animals.

its time for a dog but partner is so allergic. I grew up with alot of animals and I cant imagine what life as a kid without one. We are in the process of looking at these golden doodles (hybrid dogs). But there are no guarentees. I wanted to be a vet when i got older. I love animals.

turisuna said...

I always wanted to have a dog since I was child, but unfortunately my parents never let me to keep one, so I just took care a cat, but sometimes secretly I went to my neighbor and played with their dog :)

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