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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biker Fellowship

Church Courts Biker Crowd For Fellowship. I came across this headline in the local paper and had to check it out.

"Michael Vickery of Homer Glen started a biker's interest group composed of members of Christian Community Church, a nondenominational church with eight sites throughout the suburbs."

"The first Sunday of each month, CCC Riders, the motorcycle enthusiasts' club, rides to one of their sites, attends services and shares their love of motorcycles. Community Christian Church has sites in Montgomery, Yorkville, Romeoville, Shorewood, Pilsen, Plainfield and two in Naperville."
This is similar to my bike, same year and model, but mine was tricked out by a previous owner to look and sound like a Harley. Mine is all black, any Suzuki logos were removed. The handlebars are custom straight bar style, it's got black leather saddle bags and a windshield. Sometimes I do get the itch to ride it, but then I wonder if my back could even take a small spin around the block.

I got a motorcycle just before I met Anastasia. It was a real chick magnet. It sits in my garage now, not because of it's chick magnet status, but because it either needs a charge or a new battery and I'm not dyke enough to figure out how to get to the darn battery to charge it myself. Other bills are always more important than the "get the bike running fund" and I can't find my helmet anyway, so it sits.

One thing that has always stuck me about cycling was the hanging out at bars. I believe in the designated driver rule and never drink and drive. On a bike, I wouldn't even consider a sip. Cycling is serious business, yet daily I drive past a biker bar less than a mile from my home and the parking lot is full of bikes.

This article struck me as a cool alternative to hanging out at the bar, and as a bonus, you get your church card punched. Has anyone heard of a similar church/motorcycle enthusiast group in their area? I'd be interested to know if this is becoming common.

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Lin said...

Bummer that you can't A)ride your bike without killing your back and B)get the darned thing fixed to ride it and kill your back.

I've never heard of Biking for Jesus, although I'm sure there are those who do. I'm with you on the biking and drinking--those pub hops scare the heck out of me.

Joe and I were driving down Cicero one day and there were like 200 bikers in front of this one bar--and they were all outside. Of course, Joe honked and waved, to which the whole darned crowd waved back. It was hysterical! We are losers.

Auntie E said...

It does look like a Harley. I love the Jukebox. What a neat Meme. Just like being at the Dinner, only better you actually get to hear it,lol.

Sandee said...

There's a couple across the street that go to church on their bike. Every once in awhile a group from their church shows up and there are bikes parks up and down the street. No drinking going on at all, just a bunch of folks getting together for some fellowship.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jen said...

In Hudson WI there is an old drive in theater that has been converted to a biker church. I always wanted to attend but by the time me and the ex rode by it was always too late. I love bikers, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met, they come from all walks of life and all have great stories to tell.

Jo said...

I am so jealous that you have a bike! My husband's is a one seater so I never get to ride! Wish your back was better so at least one of us could ride! LOL!

Pricilla said...

The male person also refuses to drink and bike. He has a BMW. He hasn't ridden it a long time as he can't carry his fireman stuff on it.

Da Old Man said...

I've heard of biker/religious groups. Saw something on TV about them, though I don't remember the program. I miss riding. It's been years, and I wouldn't trust myself after such a long layoff.

Lola said...

@ Lin - What is really scary is that there is a local fast food joint that regularly posts pub runs. Some of the pub runs are quite a distance. I'll let you in on a biker secret, don't wave, flash a peace sign, sideways. I do kind of want to ride again, it was fun.

@ Auntie E - I used to get people hollering at me at stop signs over the sound of it asking if it was a Harley. After awhile, I just waved at them. Lol!

@ Sandee - I'm for any biker get together that doesn't involve drinking. Those are big heavy machines to keep upright and even wear a biker jacket and chaps, there's still not a whole lot protecting you if you dump the bike.

@ Jen - It's too bad you drove by too late to attend. I bet it would have been interesting.

@ Jo - For his birthday or next gift giving event, why not go to your local bike shop (or look online) and buy him a new seat that will seat the 2 of you. Then he'll get the hint that you'd like to go for a ride once in awhile.

@ Priscilla - BMW is a nice bike. Too bad he can't find a way to ride it more often.

@ Da Old Man - It's been awhile for me. If I got the bike running, it would just be city riding for me. I was never fond of driving 50mph anyway. (I'm chicken that way.)

Marsha said...

That is a cool alternative. Can't say as I've heard of anything similar locally.

BTW - I love your new header! Looks great in here.

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