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Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Kathy & Judy @ WGN Radio - chicago

Anastasia and I ran some errands today and thank goodness I had the radio tuned to WGN or I would not have had a clue. Some of you may recall, I Listen To Talk Radio Too Much, apparently I've gotten over my addiction. I haven't gotten out much in the last week, so I hadn't heard the news, the Kathy & Judy Show is no more. Two more Chicago radio icons no longer have their own radio program.

From VP/General Manager of WGN Radio Tom Langmyer: “This was a business decision,” Langmyer added. “The media business and the Chicago radio market have changed dramatically in the last few years, including a new method of ratings measurement. WGN needs to respond to these changes, and this is the time to move in a new direction.”

For the full text and Kathy & Judy's final Girlfriend Gram, click Kathy & Judy Show

I will miss Kathy & Judy, I found them very entertaining and a wealth of both useful and sometimes unusual information. And yes, I did both enjoy Sex Thursdays, and was incredibly embarrassed listening to it at times.

Anastasia and I listened to part of today's show with shock. And well, ok, I will admit, we wouldn't be Lola & Anastasia if we didn't mock how their voices cracked and how the tears began to flow 20 minutes before the end of the show. Yeah, we are beyotches that way. Nonetheless, we both enjoyed their show and we will miss them. (Don't let Anastasia know, but I did get a little teary, couldn't tell though behind my cool shades. Shh! It's our secret, k?)

If you missed their farewell show, here are some links for today's show. They played some very memorable clips from past shows. It was a nice tribute.
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 1
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 2
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 3

If you, like I are upset that such a wonderful, topical radio show has now ended, you can send your remarks the following email address:

Just copy and paste the email address into your email.

Ok, one more secret, I always really wanted to go on one of Kathy & Judy's Girlfriends Weekends. They always sounded like so much fun!

Good Luck Kathy & Judy!

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john said...

I never even heard of them.

Liz said...

Seems like everything comes and goes these days. Happy vgno

I am Harriet said...

Is Santo still on?
LOL :()

Anonymous said...

That's sad. :(

Lin said...

It was just so weird how it just happened so quickly!! It caught me by surprise too! I'm wondering what WGN is doing--they apparently are trying to change their image, but I think they are making a huge mistake. Garry Meier is just plain odd in the afternoons.

Anissa said...

I've never heard of them. So sorry!
I'm grabbing your button please feel free to grab mine if you don't mind.

Lotta said...

Oh drag! I'm still bummed that Steve Dahl is off the air.

Kelly B said...

I KNOW! I was in the car too at that time. My mom and I were on our way to help at my niece's McDonald's B-Day party and we were listening and confused at first because it was Friday and they were talking about Sex Thursday...then we heard the news. We both sat with mouths open in shock.

Then we heard on the news later in the day that the were fired...they had been say on the show that they were moving in different directions, but not that they were fired.

I fired off an email to that address that day. They are trying for a younger demographic. With the crap they are putting on now, it's not going to happen. My friends and I have enjoyed Kathy & Judy for a few years and we fit in that younger demographic.

Morons! I told my mom to stop listening to WGN now. Boycott!


Lola said...

I'll only be tuning in to WGN for the Cubs games now. If they continue to play like they have been, I won't even be doing that. As it is I have been turning the games off fairly early in disgust.

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