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Monday, May 18, 2009

This and That

I went to run some errands this morning and seemed to run into 1 difficulty after the other. First off, I stopped for breakfast at a little dive in Joliet. Breakfast was fine. I went to pay my bill and I got shorted $5.00. Since I had already walked out of the restaurant and into the parking lot before I discovered it, I decided I didn't want the fight and I just sucked it up. My change should have been $12.00, but I was given only a five dollar bill and 2 singles. Ok, next time, check before you leave the counter. Lesson learned.

Then it was off to the bank that my election check was drawn on. For some reason I've been holding it my wallet for nearly a month, so instead of waiting for it to clear at my bank, or paying a fee at the currency exchange, I went to the bank was drawn on. I've done this before, they have my information on file, it shouldn't be a big deal. First off, do all banks have a sign on the door that they don't allow people in sunglasses and/or hoods? I thought that odd and was thankful I took off the shades before I left the car. Once inside I immediately found an open teller, produced my drivers license and signed the check. The teller does a ton of keystrokes on her computer and proceeds to tell me that she has to call for authorization. WTH? Can't they tell at any branch of this particular bank if a check has or has not cleared? I stood for 20 minutes while she was on the phone with some unseen person with the power to approve or deny my valid check. Eventually my check was cashed. Weird. The next election probably isn't until November. Perhaps I should don my shades and a hoodie when I go to cash my next check. I wonder if a swat team will show up.

Then it was off to Best Buy because my laptop was on sale for $50.00 less than what I paid for it. I went to the return counter and produced the ad and my receipt and was told that laptop returns/price adjustments are only done within 14 days. I was at day 16. The clerk looked up, apparently saw the look on my face and steam coming out of my ears and told me she was calling a supervisor. She could tell from the stack of receipts stapled to my Geek Squad folder that I had been in several times. A supervisor comes up, it happened to be the one who did my laptop exchange and external hard drive price adjustment. She reiterated the rules. I reminded her how many times I've been back. She did some manager magic and did the price adjustment to a different product I purchased. Thank goodness "the look" worked because today I was just too exhausted to put up a fight. Insomnia sucks.

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Jen said...

It's been a while since I stopped by, that damn garage sale you know? Anyway I love the new look! Sorry you had a challenging morning, I'd have gone back for the $5.

Dan River Mama said...

Jeez, I hate days like that. I think I would have went back for the money. The older I get, the shorter my fuse is getting LOL

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I'd say it sounds like Murphy's Law hung out with you today. :( I'm glad you got the credit on the laptop - good for you for using the look!

Some of the banks up here have that too - drives me nuts! They even say to take your gloves off.

Lin said...

I'm telling you, there is a freaking bank conspiracy going on!! I would have asked for the $5 back--times are tough these days. Oh, love the "glare" that wins the lowered price--I'm taking you with me shopping/returning from now on!

Shauni said...

Smiles and cheers for Lola.. I would have stood there until they gave me the discount.. and honestly the pile of receipts should have been enough..

At least the bank cashed your check, many are no longer cashing checks for non customers..

and the $5.00 yeah... i probably would have let it go as well now had it been lunch and AFTER the rest well that is different

Lola said...

@ Jen - Thanks! I'm loving it! Normally I would have pitched a major fit about that $5, but I had a panic attack before shortly after the kids left for school, therefore I had pharmaceutical assistance by the time I went for that late breakfast.

@ Dan River Mama - Normally my fuse is incredibly short.

@ Storm - I think I should patent "the look". Lol! It's weird, but I've not seen the sunglasses/hood sign at other banks that we frequent. Perhaps it was the neighborhood.

@ Lin - Yeah, and at first the "manager" (because we know they aren't REALLY always a REAL manager) recognized me from my previous trips, I caught a glance of recognition, then she pretended she didn't recognize me. When I mentioned the 3 previous trips and gave "the look" I could see the wheels turning in her head trying to figure out a way to refund it before my head exploded. Lol!

@ Shauni - When I first started doing the election judge gig, I went to that same bank and I had to show 12 forms of identification and give my first born child before they would put me in their system to cash checks. If the $5.00 thing would have happened after Best Buy, I guarantee I would have gone postal.

Auntie E said...

I have a bank with the same sign on the door. I guess if you are a bank robber you will have to use another form of disguise. Hats and Sunglasses are out!,lol. I never can understand the new rules at the banks. whatever happened to check the accounts for the funds, either they have it or not. It seems like the banks are not service friendly any more, Some charge you to cash A check written on their bank, if you do not have an account with them! I have stopped taking checks for 50.00 and over. Or I have them write two. okay done griping. Hope you have a better day today.:-)

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