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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farmer's Markets Rock!

We went to the Farmer's Market in Frankfort today. Like every weekend, it's virtually impossible to get everyone moving to leave the house to get out. I don't know why it is, but whenever I say I'm going the the Farmer's Market, everyone says they want to go, but they just don't get moving. Depending on which city we go to, the hours vary, some are 8am to 2pm, some are 8am to 1pm and each is only Saturdays or only Sundays.

After I decided to step away from the computer and veg out on the front porch, it suddenly came to me that Frankfort's Farmer's Market was today. I'm surprised my brain was able to filter out that information, what with Drummer Boy, aka Metallica-head, doing a solo on electric guitar. I walked out onto the porch to hear it and immediately broke out into an amazing air guitar solo. After my air solo, I took a bow and sat for awhile with Anastasia and we yelled out "Freebird" at the top of our lungs several times, though I doubt that Drummer Boy, aka Metallica-head could hear us over the sound of his amp. Anastasia even held up her lighter and lit it for an encore, but he suddenly stopped playing. Was it us? (We bad!) Lol! We amuse ourselves, so that's what counts, right?

The market closes at 2pm, it was 12:45pm, we needed to haul tail to get there. We got there, had a little lunch from one of the vendors. Grass fed 1/2 pound burgers. Tasty, but I seriously doubt they were truly 1/2 pound before cooking. Lots of flowering and vegetable plants for sale; baked goods, canned/bottled goods - jams, jellies, butters, pickled items; coffee; nuts; kettle corn; antiques (more like faux antiques if you asked me), and frozen grain fed meats. Many vendors offer samples of the canned/bottled goods and baked goods.

We purchased 3 flowering plants (3/$10); 1 large basil plant ($3); a bag of kettle corn ($?); a bag of Breakfast Blend Coffee ($7); 1 jar Eggplant Antipasto ($2 on sale), 1 jar Olive/Garlic/Anchovie Tapanade ($6), 1 jar Pickled Brussels Sprouts ($6), 1 loaf of Artisan French Bread ($3).
I'm making lasagna tonight and when I saw that large basil plant, I just had to have it so I could add fresh basil to my sauce. Sadly the salsa guy wasn't there today, maybe next time. When we went last year he had something like 15 varieties of salsa. (The pineapple salsa rocks!) The Benz Coffee is from a new local business who roasts on the premises not far from us. Their website isn't up yet, when it is I'll pass it along.

(Anastasia put the flowers on the back patio, so they aren't in the photo. As soon as she gets them planted I'll put them up on Lola's Victory Garden.)

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

mmmm pineapple salsa!

Drummer boy has friends over here - never fails, nap time seems to be his drum practice time.

vickie said...

i go to the farmers market whenever i get the chance in bakesfield. i love them your basil plant looks absolutely lovely i bet it really complemented your sauce.

Megryansmom said...

Hmm what other area secrets are you keeping from me? You would think that rag of a paper would include these tidbits.

Chameleon said...

That basil plant is gorgeous - and inspiring! My poor garden is waiting for herbs... this week, I swear. And be sure to let me know when the coffee place puts up its web site (and how the coffee tastes!) so I can write about them for Coffee Break.

Jodi said...

Oh I LOVE Lasagna Lola, yummy! I Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and wanted to say hello. I hope all is well with you and your family honey. I've missed you, and all of my online buddies. Now I am going to really be busy with this class for church for the next ten weeks, and I also think I am going to start serving at my church, just not sure in what area quite yet. I will stop in and say hello as I am on my way out the door, lol! Have a wonderful day sweetie, and God bless.


Yen said...

wow lasagna, one of my favorites.have a wonderful day

Lola said...

@ Storm - At first I thought, gross! But pineapple salsa is awesome!

@ Vickie - It was the best lasagna I've ever made.

@ Megryansmom - I sent you the list of area events. Lots of stuff going on around here.

@ Chameleon - I will definitely let you know when the website is up for Benz.

@ Jodi - Thank you! I hope you are doing better.

@ Yen - Haven't made lasagna in awhile. It was a real treat.

Shelly said...

Nothing like a trip to the local Farmer's market. We are fortunate to have on right around the corner. It burnt down a couple years ago but it looks like this year will be a good year with a lot of new vendors.

Lola said...

@ Shelly - Wow! To have one around the corner would be the ultimate. No driving around for a parking spot. Lol!

Lin said...

You and I have the same thinking--I'd sooo be doing an air guitar and yelling "Freebird"--that is sooo funny!! Yea You!!

You gotta laugh or it will all drive you insane.

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